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T.V. Carpio is the new Arachne

From one FilAm actress to another. At least that’s how the role of Arachne in the mishap-plagued “Spider-man: Turn off the Dark” has passed the torch. The production is so troubled by rehearsal and soft launch accidents the grand opening has been delayed five times!

The exit of FilAm actress Natalie Mendoza, citing health reasons, paved the way for another FilAm, Teresa Victoria Carpio or T.V., to step into the role of Spider-man’s sultry nemesis. Before she left the production reportedly because of a concussion, Natalie had Arachne’s part. “Spider-man” would have been her Broadway debut, but the production ran into a series of accidents and other incidents, including the departure of director Julie Taymor.

T.V. was originally to play the role of Miss Arrow, the nurse, but landed Arachne’s part after Natalie left.

Natalie and T.V. are both blessed with musical genes and share an uncanny connection to Hong Kong. Natalie was born in Hong Kong where her Filipino father made a living performing at jazz clubs. T.V., who was born in Oklahoma City, is the daughter of a Filipino-Chinese singer and a Hong Kong businessman with investments in fashion and garments. “Rent” in 2006 was her Broadway debut.

Natalie Mendoza


Hungarian-born photographer Nandor Ordog has a collection of Philippine scenes he’d like to share with the community April 11-22 at the Philippine Center on Fifth Avenue.

Nandor visited the Philippines in the spring of 2010 gallivanting the provinces of Palawan, Negros and Cebu, three of the most vibrant and dynamic regions in the country He returned to New York with a stunning collection of photographs of idyllic landscapes, historic churches, Filipino families and the tropical way of life. He said his collection titled ‘Exploring Contemporary Filipino Life’ is meant to showcase the “magnificence of the Philippines, its heritage and its culture.”

Here are some shots to marvel at, courtesy of the Philippine Consulate. Nandor’s website: www.nandorphotography.com

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