Analyze him: Barack Obama called ‘narcissistic’ in new book

‘Change We Deserve’
By Luz Martin, MD
Tate Publishing
November 2012

Philippine-born psychiatrist and neurologist Luz M. Martin has published a book released in time for the Nov. 6 elections.

“Change We Deserve” is an indictment of President Barack Obama’s policies as well as his personality. The author discuses Obama’s “defense mechanisms, his narcissism, his murky past, his unconscious rage against paternal abandonment and concomitant ‘revenge’ against colonial America,” according to a press statement. The book details the “unraveling of how his policies are translated into modern-day slavery in a new generation of Americans.”

“Nowhere in American history has a Filipino American psychiatrist done a detailed, bold and controversial psycho-political analysis of the first ever African-American president of the most powerful country in the world, the USA,” said a press statement from Tate Publishing. Martin discusses how the 2008 U.S. election was won “under the narcissistic spell of a narcissistic candidate, Barack Obama, aided by the most biased media.” The publisher said Martin finished “Change We Deserve” in six weeks, inclusive of all research work and psychoanalysis of the first African-American president.

In the book, Martin questions whether readers want to preserve their liberty, particularly religious freedom; redefine marriage, life, and death; veer more towards Socialism and Marxism; and have their individual and minority rights violated for the majority without a whimper. “This is America’s peaceful fight without arms,” the author said.

Born in the Philippines, Martin is married to an Irish-American entrepreneur. The couple has a 17-year-old son who’s in 11th grade. The family loves traveling, snorkeling and sports programs.

Martin said her Filipino heritage was a big influence in her decision to write this book. For one, Filipinos are reared to be very religious with a deep sense of Catholic beliefs and practices. This book illustrates her love of God and for her adopted country, said the press statement.


  1. Being a psychiatrist does not give one the authority to write a book about someone’s weakness especially for the wrong motive. Even if I did not read the book yet, I can very well say that the author is a Republican. And what better timing to release the book during an election period! The publisher claims that the book was done in six weeks inclusive of research work and psychoanalysis? The more I doubt about the veracity of the facts and the more I don’t want to read it!

  2. M. Matthews wrote:

    Our nation has shown to the world, that it can elect a black president. But, we don’t have much clue about his hidden past, which we never bothered to ask the liberal media to find it.

  3. M. Gonzales wrote:

    Actually, Grace you are wrong. Being a free American gives Ms. Martin to write and publish this book – that freedom is the only authority she needs. I’m also trying to figure out what gives you the right to judge Ms. Martin’s motives as wrong, but I’d assume it’s that same very freedom.

    • The introductory statement in the article said – …”published a book released in time for the November 6 elections.” I have been with published authors all these years, and being a media specialist for many years, I have never heard of a good book written in six weeks. I stand by my comment.

  4. AG wrote:

    Why don’t we read the book first instead of judging the author’s speed in writing, or motives, or timing? Hear the message. Don’t kill the messenger. Being journalists, we should be fighting prejudice, not practicing it. We should be championing people’s right to free expression. Like Matthews said, America may have exorcised the ghosts of our racist past (by electing a colored president) but our media practitioners did the nation a disfavor by abandoning its usual duty of putting candidates under the microscope. The media investigating the President, or the White House, or the Congress, or the Supreme Court is NOT ‘taking sides’. It IS the media’s duty.

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