Donaire: ‘I want to get him as early as I can’

The Filipino Flash announces his Oct. 22 bout against Argentina’s Omar Narvaez during a courtesy call at the Philippine Consulate. Photos: Chris Farina

If it were a tweet it would look something like this: #NonitoDonaire @ #MadisonSquareGarden. A sprinkling of hash tags and shortcuts.

But Donaire is not one to chomp on words and abbreviate the message of this particular event. He wants to spread the word longform: He is honored to be following the boxing greats in history. Honored to be fighting at Madison Square Garden where the old Italian, Irish and Jewish fighters staked their reputations and broke world records. Honored to debut – and aspire to a historic victory – in the New York metropolitan area where about 400,000 Filipinos live.

On October 22, the undefeated two-time champion Filipino Flash is up against also-undefeated Omar Narvaez of Argentina at the legendary boxing arena. In the words of Top Rank promoter Bob Arum, the bout would give Filipinos the opportunity to see Donaire “up close and personal.”

“It is incredible that I will be there and we are going to put our heart and soul and give everything that I’ve got,” Donaire said.

The comparison to Manny Pacquiao is something Donaire can’t seem to shake off. Trust Arum to draw the thin, transparent line:

“Manny is a Filipino but that is the (only) connection. Nonito is as much American as he is Filipino because he has lived in this country for so long and I think he was candidate for the U.S. Olympic team. Manny spends his life in the Philippines, so there is a difference there,” he said.

Asked to assess his chances against Narvaez, Donaire said he is raring for a short contest but is also prepared for a bruising 12-round match.

“The most satisfying victory is a knockout victory. But if I don’t get it, I am ready for 12 rounds. But I want to get him as early as I can,” he said. – Cristina DC Pastor

Donaire trains at the Kingsway Gym in New York.

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