Writing for free need not be the future for journalists

By Cristina DC Pastor
Founding Editor
The FilAm

Six months – and more than 40,000 unique views – later, we at The FilAm are ready to talk business.

We’re now prepared to take on advertising from people who want their message and products to reach the vast, dynamic network of Filipinos, numbering anywhere from 150,000 to 300,000, in the New York Tri State. We are also passing the hat for donations from people who believe our site is worth keeping. We do not believe that writing for free is the future for journalists, although it has been that way since the Internet became a news provider.

Let’s start with advertising. The FilAm is proud of its steadily rising unique views – averaging 6,000 a month so far — with stories that continue to inform, entertain, raise questions and provoke. Our site features cutting-edge articles and commentary. We can run banner ads or do collaborations using social media. Please email TheFilAmNY@gmail.com for pricing details. You’re not going to believe how reasonable our rates are!

As for donations. This is for those with PayPal accounts and who may be feeling kind of generous. Any amount is welcome. The email to send PayPal donations to: TheFilAmNY@gmail.com.

Why advertise in The FilAm?

First, we want to pay our talented writers. I’m humbled that many would agree to write for TF for free. Some writers write for the love of it, others for friendship, and still others believe in the TF and what it stands for. I’m eternally indebted to all them.

Second, we’re the site you want to read because we don’t publish collaterals or those stories reported out of the Philippines. There are publications for that. Bigger and probably better than this one. Just go there. We don’t want stories about corruption and shenanigans in the Philippines to define the Filipino American.

Two, we bring you must-read, engrossing stories, and we bring them fast. When the same-sex marriage law took effect, we gave you the story of Dennis Josue and Daniel Mackey in less than 48 hours. Before the John Sayles film ‘Amigo’ hit the moviehouses, our review was out. The pop-up restaurant of Maharlika was one fascinating food trend; we helped explained the concept. We reach out to the personalities behind the issues, events and trends and listen to their narratives. We are storytellers, not content aggregators.

Feel free to contact us for rates and other questions: TheFilAmNY@gmail.com. We will run a list of donors, not unless you wish to remain anonymous.


  1. Lorraine wrote:

    Hello there, outstanding post. You’re right. Stories about corruption in the Philippines do NOT define who we are as Filipinos in the United States.

  2. Charlize wrote:

    So true and interesting. The Internet has cheapened the writing profession.

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