KC and Sam: It’s complicated

KC and Sam at movie premiere in Manhattan. Photos by Ivan Roque

By Elton Lugay

Want to put KC Concepcion on the hot seat? Ask about her rumored breakup with Piolo Pascual, and also how she is getting too close to his buddy and fellow actor Sam Milby.

“Clearly no, and I have said that many times,” she sounded slightly annoyed when asked by The FilAm during the meet-and-greet June 25 at Payag Restaurant in Queens.

KC, the daughter of Pop Megastar Sharon Cuneta, and Sam, contract stars of ABS-CBN were in town for the premiere of their movie, “Forever and a Day.” The film was produced by Star Cinema in collaboration with Tribeca Performing Arts Center in Manhattan and Ritzberries Productions.

The actors got more uneasy when the interview got a little too personal: “Do you and Sam see yourselves together in the future?

“In another movie,” Sam, a Filipino American born in Ohio, replied.

“No, romantically,” we pressed on.

“Oh wow, we don’t wanna answer that right now,” said Sam. “First of all, everybody knows that my friend Piolo and KC are together so it’s ugly to answer that question right now.”

Sam admitted that doing the movie with KC was a challenge “because we’re close friends and while on the set we can’t help having a lengthy conversation.” Sam revealed that there were times when Director Cathy Molina would tell them to separate so they could concentrate on their job.

“Our real friendship was like, put on hold in a way,” KC said. “We had to be professional in our roles—we’re so attached to our characters. We pretended we didn’t know each other.” KC said it’s been a difficult three months for them as actors in a film, compared to their three years as friends.

When asked, she chose Sam as her favorite leading man “because we already know each other and we have the same personalities.” She said, “It’s important that you’re comfortable with the person because you see each other every day, morning and night.”

A dramatic scene in ‘Forever’

Signing autographs after the screening.

“Since we know each other so well, oftentimes our issues get settled right away,” she added.

What makes this movie different from the ones you’ve done in the past?

“There are many things in this movie that we have not done in the past, and because of this movie that we’re able to do them,” said KC. She did not elaborate.

More than 500 people attended the two screenings on Saturday. There were fans who came all the way from Dubai, Ohio, Chicago and San Francisco. Tickets were $30, $60, and VIP, which included a meet-and-greet with the stars. Many didn’t mind the cost.

“It was well worth it,” said Lina Alcantara, a registered nurse who found KC and Sam “so warm, sincere and accommodating to their fans.”

Though the movie’s storyline has a passing similarity to “Love And Other Drugs” or perhaps “A Walk To Remember,” the direction and cinematography were impressive. And KC’s acting is believable and engaging. She was consistent from start to finish avoiding the opportunity to taking advantage to exaggerate her dying role.

Sam, however, has not fully arrived yet in the acting department. But with KC around him, they appeared to have a credible, enjoyable chemistry together.

“Forever and a Day” follows the story of Eugene (Sam) and Raffy (KC) who meet, fall in love and learn how not to give up when their romance faces challenges.

Pass the tissue box, please.

Queens resident Elton Lugay is a journalist, publicist and community events organizer.

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