Happy birthday, Iskwelahang Pilipino

Pinoy Pride starts with the young.

Massachusetts-based Iskwelahang Pilipino (IP), the oldest cultural school for FilAm children on the East Coast, will celebrate its 35th birthday May 29 at The Eleanor Welch Casey Theatre of Regis College in Weston.

Organizers said tickets are all sold out, proving the “strong Filipino American community support and following that IP has.”

IP began in 1976 when a group of parents in the Greater Boston area decided to create an environment where their children can learn about their Filipino heritage. The founders made parents an integral part of the school.

From that time on, IP sought to develop in FilAm children a strong positive ethnic identity and instill pride in their cultural heritage, promote better relationships between the children and their parents while understanding both the Filipino and American value systems; and foster a sense of awareness that in New England exists a vital and vibrant Asian ethnic group.

The children learn to sing Filipino folk songs and play indigenous string and percussion instruments. They are encouraged to participate in the rondalla.

The art of folk dancing educates children on culture, music, geography, and regional lifestyles while developing body coordination, graceful movement self-confidence as they perform on stage.

In the Language and Culture program, the children learn the similarities and differences between American and Philippine culture. This program also includes cooking of ethnic dishes, which help develop the children’s appreciation for different tastes and preferences.

Arts and Crafts teaches children how to create handicrafts, build props and make accessories for school performances.

Just like in any regular school, IP parents are urged to contact school officials if their children miss class work.

“Parents should be aware of the subject being covered in class by observing or looking through school material given to the children in order to help the teachers with the lessons,” according to the IP website.

Parents also act as teacher’s aides and carry out both curricular and extra-curricular activities, providing snacks for children and helping keep the premises clean and orderly.

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