The needle in the calling card haystack is not that hard to find is setting the standard for prepaid international calling. is setting the standard for prepaid international calling.

Every once in a while having too many choices means no choice at all. Take international calling, for instance: hundreds of companies with thousands of products all lined up waiting to be purchased. On the street, in shops or online, technology has advanced so much so fast that you sometimes miss the old corded landline in your grandparents’ house. But what is it that actually sets some companies and products apart from others? What makes some really special?

Las Vegas resident Lionel Silva, 58, a retired IT professional, was faced with the same question, but the solution he found was more surprising than even he expected.

“I found a great service and I used it to call my wife in Aklan,” he said. “They have everything I need. I pay less than 10 cents a minute to call the Philippines. Before this I would pay anywhere from 15 cents a minute with a regular landline to 20 cents or even more.”

Almost one year ago, Lionel found his best fit with Nobel’s calling services, and

But it’s not just low costs and rates per minute that convinced him.

“The connection is great, very clear, I get 20 percent off on my minutes for my birthday and it’s easy to use because it has speed dial. I used to talk to my wife in the Philippines a lot. Now that she’s here with me, I taught her how to use it as well. She calls her relatives back home and said she enjoys this product too.”

“Our policy has always been to deliver more than is expected of an ordinary calling card,” said Bogdan Sandu, supervisor of Quality Assurance with Nobel. “People have different needs and different priorities. So, we can’t just focus on a cheap rate; that alone does not cut it. You need to make an efficient and useful product. For instance, we’ve invested a lot in getting top quality connection to most destinations around the world while we adapted our service for PCs and smartphones and even introduced the option of sending free text messages.”

Nobel services have set the standard for prepaid international calling in the last few years and managed to keep up with the ever-changing market trends and technologies.

“We try to be as open as possible and listen to our customers and their feedback,” Sandu added. “Our $20 Emerald plan on for instance may seem like any other online calling card, but the truth is it’s anything but that. It’s a versatile, effective and affordable communication tool with 24/7 customer support. It only got this way because our customers have high standards and we intend to keep meeting them for a long time.”

As more and more competitors line up to take a share of the international calling market one idea should be the starting point of any offer: “Always ask for the best!” Nobel’s Enjoy Prepaid seems determined to deliver on this expectation every time.

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