Scenes from a hot SONA

Aquino effigy blocks Barnes and Noble storefront across from consulate building. Photos: Bayan USA

Bayan USA held its own People’s SONA in front of the Philippine Consulate on Fifth Avenue on July 23 – the group’s response to President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino’s third State of the Nation Address delivered a day earlier, Manila time.

While Aquino touted his economic accomplishments and the gains made by his anti-corruption campaign, Bayan and member organizations had their own rebuttal — in inflammatory words and images.

Ultimately, argued Yves Nibungco, chairperson of the Anakbayan-USA youth organization, a 6.4 percent GDP growth is meaningless while many Filipinos remain poor. “The only accurate indicator of progress and development is the concrete conditions of the people,” he said.


3 Ps why Aquino is not the best President for them

In front of the consulate building, a statement of support for victims of human trafficking.

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