‘Forgotten Soldiers’ to screen Nov 12

A group of Philippine Scouts

In remembrance of Veterans Day on November 11, the documentary “Forgotten Soldiers” will be shown at the International Film Festival Manhattan on November 12 at the Quad Cinema 34 on W 13th Street.

The film by Donald Plata is about the Philippine Scouts, regiments of Filipino soldiers who fought the Japanese invasion during World War II. They were placed under the command of Gen. Douglas MacArthur and became known as the United States Army Forces in the Far East.

“They were Gen. MacArthur’s best soldiers at the start of the war…They had a long and honored tradition of service and loyalty to the U.S.,” says the blurb to the film produced by Platinum Multimedia LLC.

Plata said the documentary will “honor these gallant men who gave so much for the cause of freedom.” Three of them received Medals of Honor from the U.S. government. “They were the United States Army’s Philippine Scouts, America’s forgotten soldiers.”

They were considered Gen. MacArthur's elite soldiers

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