Children of presidentiables: The gifted, the influencers, and the U.K. educated

By Cristina DC Pastor

Whoever wins the May 2022 Philippine elections, Filipinos will be seeing a new family occupy Malacanang. Part of the package is a new batch of children who will provide some kind of national distraction, for good or ill.

Looking back…Because Ferdinand Marcos was in power for more than 20 years, two of his three descendants took turns grabbing news headlines for a very long time. There was the sensational kidnaping of Imee Marcos’ golfer boyfriend who was married at that time. There was also the student activist who was killed after he publicly questioned Imee’s appointment to a government youth council. There was Bongbong Marcos’ rumored romances with bold stars, and Calauit Island said to be transformed into his personal safari where he hunted African animals such as gazelles and giraffes shipped in from Kenya.

Cory Aquino ‘s presidency gave us Kris Aquino who became an actress and TV personality and a serial scandal attraction. The public was treated to one salacious episode after another of Kris’ many romances with hunky athletes and actors.

Joseph Estrada’a two sons, Jinggoy (from wife Loi Ejercito) and JV (from long-time partner Guia Gomez), were constantly feuding, making a spectacle of who truly is his political heir. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s son Mikey Arroyo was hounded by tax evasion charges and an undeclared multi-million dollar beachfront home in California.

Should voters be concerned about the children of presidential candidates?

We are publishing here some information about the children of presidentiables. They are all good-looking, and appear smart, getting educated abroad and working as dutiful professionals in management and health care. They are putting their best feet forward and helping with their parents’ campaign.

Manila Mayor Isko ‘Moreno’ Domagoso and his wife Diana Lynn Ditan have five children: Vincent Patrick, Frances Diane, Joaquin Andre (JD), Franco Dylan, and Drake Marcus. Second son JD is said to be the child most interested in showbiz like their dad. He has a television series airing on GMA called “First Yaya.” Daughter Frances Diane who is entertainment material because of her striking good looks does not appear to be drawn to the limelight. (Internet photo)

Former senator Bongbong Marcos and wife Louise ‘Liza’ Araneta have three sons: Ferdinand Alexander III (nicknamed Sandro), the eldest; Joseph Simon, the middle son; and the youngest William Vincent (Vinny). All of them went to the U.K. for their schooling and the first two completed their education there. Sandro graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Joseph Simon graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Management from Oxford Brookes University. His LinkedIn states he works as an analyst at the Chaudhary Group where he learned about the “different aspects of setting up a hotel.” Vinny, the youngest, is said to be the one willing to follow in his elders’ footsteps in politics. (Photo: Bongbong Marcos website)

Senator Manny Pacquiao and wife Maria Geraldine ‘Jinkee’ Jamora have five children:Emmanuel Jr. (Jimuel), Michael, Mary Divine Grace (Princess), Queen Elizabeth (Queenie), and Israel. Jimuel wants to be a boxer like his famous father and has a stunning car collection as seen on Instagram. He graduated from Brent International School in Manila. Princess is active on TikTok where she shows off the latest dance moves and sometimes pranks her dad. She has said watching her father in the ring is “very stressful.” (Photo: Jinkee Pacquiao Instagram)

Vice President Leni Robredo and her late husband Jesse Robredo, secretary of the Interior and Local Government, have three daughters: Jessica Marie (Aika), Janine Patricia (Tricia), and Jillian Therese. Aika has an MA from Harvard University where she was accepted into the John F. Kennedy School of Government; Tricia is a doctor, a graduate of the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health; and Jillian is still in college at New York University.  Robredo has said that only one member of the family can serve in politics at a given time, her way of saying ‘never’ to political dynasties, a common practice among Filipino politicians. (Facebook photo)

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