Eloisa stays away from George, as cops interrogate Brandon (Part 5)

By Nieva Burdick, Vanette Colmenares & Vivian Talambiras Cruz

Nieva Burdick: Eloisa woke up lazily.  Dragging her feet went to the kitchen to drink her Aloe Vera Gel. On the table was a note, “Enjoy your breakfast”. Egg benedict with toast with cream cheese. So lucky to have a roommate. She needed that energy cause of all the commotion caused by COVID-19.  While eating she was daydreaming of Brianne. Filipino-Chinese, but he has blue eyes (so rare), six pack abs, approximately 6 ft tall, light olive skin. Oh well. Time to go to work. On her way to work she could hear Heidi Stubner playing violin while U.S. Naval Hospital Ship “Comfort” was on its way to NYC Harbor.  She met her one time in Central Park and learned that she is asthmatic.

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Eloisa went to the cafeteria and bumped into Brianne. He was holding two white boxes  written “Financier Patisserie”.  So Brianne is a patissier.

Vanette Colmenares: “What day is it today?” muttered Crystal, as she rolls awake on her bed. She’s been out of work for several days now and couldn’t get herself to be idle.  “What to do! What to do! What to do!” She looked at her closet that almost resembled the display of Zara, all neatly folded clothes and color coded dresses hanging loosely.  Crystal then goes to the kitchen and heats water for coffee.  “Maybe I should clean my pantry to see and buy stuff  I need.” 

Nieva Burdick, Vanette Colmenares & Vivian Talambiras Cruz

Upon opening the door to the pantry, she shrieked, “What have you done, Crystal? You effing got the whole Key Food store in your food closet.!!!” Her pantry was well stocked and well organized.  She had baskets with designated names:  Grains, Baking, Pastas.  She reached out for the basket that said, “Filipino stuff’  From it, she got her favorite packet of coffee.  “Huh!”  I’ve been working at a coffee shop for so long, the best ones come from the Philippines in the three-in-one sachet.  “Kopiko, you’re the drink that heats my cup!” she whispered.

While lazing around the apartment, cup in hand, she goes by the window to see how many New Yorkers defy the ‘stay at home’ ordinance. On normal days, people would walk the streets, children would be hopping and young athletes running.  This time, Nada! Not a soul. She was then trying to recall, “What day is it?”  Until finally, she realized. “Shit!! It’s Wednesday, the Last Episode of “The Q Effect!!” Will George finally be caught in his lies?  Has Brianne revealed  his preference of gender? Even if they’re twins, does George and Brandon know they have different fathers?  I can’t miss this. ”Where’s the clicker?”  Crystal runs frantically looking for the clicker to watch the final episode of her favorite teleserye.  She cannot miss this!

Vivian Talambiras-Cruz: In the meantime “Brandon” on Park Avenue was interrogated by the police. It seems that not only are the women in his building  dependent on his servicing the needs in their apartments, they also depended on him supplying them with illegal drugs.  Now, with them staying home because of the forced quarantine, they had all the time (and the money) to continue their drug habits and eventually Brandon got caught.  

It’s up to the police to identify who the real culprit is…is it “Brandon” or is it “George”?

Things were getting a bit too much for Eloisa with all this craziness.  She decided to stay away from George and everyone else and start anew.  After all, there is too much at stake.  She realized that what this moment called for was to focus on being a frontliner at Elmhurst Hospital and do her best to save others. After all, that was the oath she took. With only her faith as her shield, she had to accept that everything is really in God’s hand and the only thing she could do was give it her best as long as she was able, never giving up hope yet ready to surrender to His will. 

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To be continued

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