A gift of photographs

Nostalgia snapped by Grace for Pasalubong

On Sunday, August 21, Brooklyn visual artist Grace Villamil is hosting a launch party to introduce her book project Pasalubong: A Photographic Journey of the Philippines.

“’Pasalubong’ is Tagalog for the gift you bring back to family and friends from a distant place. A special token signifying the act of meeting again. Because of the meaning, I chose this word to represent the first photo series of my personal uncovering of the Philippines,” writes Grace on her Kickstarter page, where she is hoping to raise $3,000 to produce the book. “I was born a first-generation Filipino American in Southern California. My father is from Luzon, and my mother, the Visayas. This informed me as a child and inspires my artwork as an adult. This book is the culmination of those experiences, as well as my pursuit to better understand where I came from.”

She’s done quite well drumming up support for the production of the book. So far, Pasalubong has raised $2,355, with nine more days to go. For the funds to be released, her goal of $3,000 needs to be met by August 26.

Grace said her dream does not end with the publication of book. She plans to open a publishing house to be called Gold Drum. In essence, the funds will support both the book and the publishing house.

“With Gold Drum, I aim to continue sharing my work, as well as publish the work of other artists who have a distinct sensibility to understanding and sharing their culture,” she said.

The book party will be held 4 p.m. at Maharlika at 111 First Avenue and Seventh Street.

Below, more of Grace’s lovely photos.

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