‘Toddler-in-Chief’ turns 71

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By Ludy Astraquillo Ongkeko, Ph. D.

President Trump’s tweets still abound, and he continues to justify them as getting “honest message” – as opposed to Fake News – out.

He may be 71, but he has done actions some have described as immature, irresponsible and dangerous in his capacity as Chief Executive.

In one instance, he has reportedly shared ‘highly classified information’ with Russian officials about Islamic State terror-related strategies, information coming from a staunch U.S. ally. Leading media organizations and political analysts called it an “irresponsible” move by the chief executive.

“Wholly in keeping with both his inexperience accompanied by his stubborn refusal to learn,” were the angry voices that filled the air against the chief executive at the White House.

At worst, the nascent Trump term characterized thus far has led to fears that the U.S. government’s relations with crucial allies might be harmed. Granting there were national security implications, the Trump disclosure proved that the administration is in a spiral of dysfunction, unable to stay out of damage-control mode.

Legislators identified as pillars of the Republican Party are beginning to speak out. Foreign Relations Committee chair, Senator Bob Corker, issued a stern warning: “The White House has got to do something soon to bring itself under control.” Enormous concern that Trump is not doing what it takes to comprehend the subjects that continue to confront him is mounting.

Reiteration of reports on some of Trump’s actions (or inaction) since he became president are rife about his lack of self-discipline in reference to his messages. Reportedly, he is unwilling to read lengthy, complicated briefing papers and wants all information presented to him “all on a single page.”

What did those voters who sided with Trump anticipate since he came to power? How does his official acts compare with the much-exaggerated and highly sensationalized assertions that opponent Hillary Clinton had so “badly mishandled classified information” she deserved to go to jail?

When Trump announced his plans to undertake his very first overseas trip as president, international observers must have wondered whether he was capable of rising to the occasion. Crying needs have multiplied: he must energize his team and assert control over his administration.

The American people are undertaking a vigil and will continue to do so, not out of forced reactions, but to attribute their decision to uphold their beliefs in good government. Comparisons with those who served their country in the manner they did when they placed their hand on the Bible have been recounted as their discharge of the presidential pledge was on the front burner.

Early in his administration, there was a stream of lies, leaks, and lunacy. They still go on. The White House appeared to exhibit a sense of helplessness because of the president’s nontraditional ways of governing. A distinct early observation about him: Trump was diagnosed as a perpetual prevaricator, so dangerous as he exemplified his programs, displaying his true self to the American people.

Trump is destroying America’s institutions. His lack of bridge-building with vital members of Congress and foreign allies, his never-ending tweets and his bombast are all contributing to what can no longer be hidden: He has made himself the grave concern of the world.

Thus, Trump’s birthday did not have the warm feelings American usually have for their presidents celebrating their milestones. Instead, it provided comic fodder for late-night talk show, as when the Daily Show host Trevor Noah thought of what to “get the man who grabs everything for himself?”

At an intimate gathering of American voters in the Golden State, the hostess asked her guests: “What do you wish to give as a birthday present to Donald Trump on his 71st birthday?”

One guest proposed a thesaurus, another the latest edition of the Oxford Complete Dictionary.

Someone remarked both are great birthday presents. “But, if he were to make a choice, will he be able to spell ‘thesaurus?’”

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