Artist-medium to hold Apr 9 workshop on herbal medicine, ‘plant that heals’

Artist, healer, medium, and ceremonialist Angela Basbas Angel

Artist, healer, medium, and ceremonialist Angela Basbas Angel

Healer and herbalist Angela Basbas Angel is scheduled to give a presentation on ‘Philippine Folk and Herbal Medicine’ on April 9 in Washington Heights.

Angela, who is an artist from the Bay Area, will conduct a ceremonial workshop working with plant medicine from the Philippines.

She will work with herbs that are locally available, including a host of bitters (herbs for the digestive system to help cleanse the liver, support the gut and create easeful flow in the body) and nervines (herbs for the nervous system to help with stress and emotional support) including ampalaya, lagundi, malunggay, mangosteen, saluyot and ylang-ylang, according to a press statement.

“We are living in communities that are constantly tired, overworked, fearful and overwhelmed,” she has said in published comments. “Stress sits at the root of almost every disease. The good news is, there are ancient healers known throughout the plant world that have helped many generations since the time of our great, great grandmothers. Plants are one of our greatest allies as human beings.”

Angela’s class will include hands-on experience on how to make different herbal medicines. She will use traditional Filipino folk methods and western techniques to work with each plant, knowing how “plant medicine has the power to strengthen and stabilize our bodies and spirits.” Each participant will go home with their own herbal medicine goodies they will make in class!

Angela is also an artist, healer, medium/channeler and ceremonialist. She has continued her indigenous lineage as a young traditional healer among the Bontoc and Ibaloi tribes in the Philippines. Angela will share how she received a vision directing her to explore how ritual and our innate psychic abilities can translate in the “modern world” as a step to bridge our ancestral knowledge and to begin healing historical trauma. She has since worked to integrate this directly with her social justice work.

In 2013 she began coordinating holistic and traditional healing clinics with the Bay Area’s Healing Clinic Collective. Angela is currently the assistant for Ancestral Apothecary School of herbal, folk and indigenous medicinein Oakland, California. She loves tending to her garden and holds her own healing practice in the Bay Area, CA. You can find out more about her work at

She considers her most potent healing work as being a psychic medium. Angela channels and communicates with ancestors and other beings. She is a seer and energy reader and travels dimensions in which she interprets visions, messages and dreams for the planet.

Cost of the class: $120 early bird registration by 3/13/2017, $140 after that date. Fees include all materials!

To register, please fill out application here:

Contact Angela at

‘Plants are one of our greatest allies as human beings.’

‘Plants are one of our greatest allies as human beings.’

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