A Port Chester food tour

Fish ceviche from Mexican restaurant Bartaco.

By Guagua Girl
Friendship over Fries

When my friend T and I were looking to move closer to our new jobs, we were told that Port Chester was considered the “restaurant capital of Westchester County.” We haven’t had much time to explore, but this weekend T and I joined a food tour, a fundraising to benefit local schools. There were more than 20 restaurants on the list, but we didn’t get to all of them, despite the fact we already crossed off the restaurants we’ve been to.

There were some nice surprises, such as the summer salad from Panera, and restaurants we definitely marked to visit again (the red snapper ceviche offered at the Peruvian restaurant Chavin is to die for).

The first Taste of Port Chester Restaurant Tour looked like it was pretty successful. Organizers said they got 500 people. One restaurant claimed to have expected only 150 but saw 500 come. Others closed early because they ran out of food. I wish they would make it an annual thing. It’s a great idea to introduce people to the restaurants in town.

Anyway, the servings are actually small, but I’m using the macro feature of my camera so it looks a lot. And the food tour was about four hours. I wish they had this in Poughkeepsie.

I also wish we have a Filipino restaurant for those nights when I’m craving adobo or barbecue. I’m scratching my head why we don’t, when we seem to have a lot of Filipinos in the community.

Korean Bulgogi with cole slaw from Cafe Mirage

Potato with tuna, fish ceviche and roasted chicken from Chavin

Inside the Italian restaurant Patrias

No Barry Manilow music at Copacabana, the last stop in our tour

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