Spa opens NYC location, the second after Jersey City

Mita Quiogue with a customer, supervises Glossy’s slimming and anti-aging treatments

Mita Quiogue with a customer, supervises Glossy’s slimming and anti-aging treatments

By Cristina DC Pastor

Only five months in Jersey City, Glossy Rejuvenating Spa is adding another location, and it is in the heart — and belly — of the Filipino community in Woodside, Queens. The new salon to open in January is on 5nd Street, next to Payag Restaurant, and within walking distance from Tito Tad’s and Kabayan.

“The Filipino market really likes our services, and they’re looking for us in New York,” said owner Mita Quiogue. “They do not have to go to California or the Philippines to have their treatments done.”

Glossy is enjoying high customer traffic and glowing with good returns, said Mita. Women are attracted to the spa’s “non-invasive” treatments and reasonable prices.

At Glossy, a treatment costs $40 per session, per area. All treatments are non-surgical, and use fat-melting laser equipment for slimming and skin tightening. Stretchmarks reduction goes for $35 for a small area measuring 5×5 square inch, or $65 for a larger area.

“Nobody does Botox anymore,” Mita declared. “We let our machines do all the work.”

It’s exactly what some Filipino American women are looking for — aspiring for that slightly youthful look but terrified of going under the knife or the resulting zombie-looking faces. The goal is not to do a Joan Rivers or be the talk of the community for having ‘some work done.’

Glossy’s answer is “non-invasive facelift.” The ‘after’ look, according to Mita, is face minus the stretched forehead or sagging cheeks, the effect of too much fillers and lifts.

The most requested procedures are the body contouring and non-invasive facelift. After every treatment, customers note an inch or half of loss, and it shows on their pants. Mita makes sure to recommend diets and exercise with her slimming procedures.

“Business is good,” she said. “We’re always full. At the end of the day we’re all very tired but it’s very fulfilling. We get hugs from customers thanking us.”

One of the treatments Glossy is known for is correcting droopy eyelids. Surgery so close to a sensitive facial organ, such as the eyes, is something few women would gamble on and so Mita’s laser treatments are a comforting alternative.

“Every time they look in the mirror, they see changes, and they’re very happy,” she said.

A treatment sometimes becomes an occasion for clients to have a party, said Mita. “They bring their sisters, nieces and have treatments together like a family reunion. Of course they need to book an appointment for that.”

Non-invasive liposuction using ultrasound treatment is Glossy’s version of the tummy tuck. “After treatments, my clients are able to walk with confidence,” said Mita.

One of the “very satisfied” customers is socialite Luchie Vivas. She underwent treatment for a facial rejuvenation, and “felt and saw” its effect after the first session.

“The price is affordable; I felt like I got more for the money. It was well worth it! You won’t feel like you’re a client from the time you make the appointment,” she said.

Singer Angel Ram echoed her own satisfaction at the spa’s service.

‘Gandang Glossy:’ Luchie Vivas, Angel Ram

‘Gandang Glossy:’ Luchie Vivas, Angel Ram

“Every visit is awesome,” she said. “I always do the non-invasive liposuction. I brought a few friends and they were satisfied as well.”

Mita is mulling a third location in Bergenfield, where FilAms have a strong presence.

Next in Mita’s to-do list is a food cart franchising business called The Filipino Dream. For a fee of P60K (approx. $1.3K), a franchise holder can have a food cart parked in front of his house selling edibles, such as burger, pizza, noodles and dimsum.

“I’m all about negosyo,” said Mita, the serial entrepreneur.

She is in talks with community leaders to promote The Filipino Dream via direct sales marketing where food cart owners are encouraged to recruit other franchisers.

New Jersey Branch:
515 Newark Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07306
Office Number: 201 222 2888

New York Branch:
DAHON Wellness Center 4310
52nd St. Woodside,
NY 11377
Office Number: 917 340 8997

The Filipino Dream Food Cart Franchise
USA Office Number: 929 372 5448
Philippines Office Number: +63 916 251 8102

Before and after: Also available, skin tightening for mild case of ‘dishpan hands’

Before and after: Also available, skin tightening for mild case of ‘dishpan hands’

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