‘The FilAm’ among 100 pioneering ethnic media publications

tfa The FilAm online magazine is included in the upcoming Newseum exhibit featuring 100 pioneering ethnic media outlets from Colonial America to today.

The interactive exhibit “One Nation With News for All” is being organized by the Smithsonian Institution in partnership with the news museum. The exhibit opens May 16, 2014 and will be on display at the Newseum through Jan. 4, 2015. It tells the dramatic story of how immigrants and minorities used the power of the press to fight for their rights and shape the American experience.

Ethnic newspapers, radio, television and online publications have helped millions of immigrants to America become part of their new country while preserving their ties to their native lands. As ethnic populations in the United States have grown, so has the power of their presses.

Today, one in four Americans turns to ethnic media for news. “News for All” will reflect the vibrancy and diversity of today’s ethnic media, from ImpreMedia, the largest Spanish-language news company in the United States, to the black-owned Radio One network to the Angry Asian Man blog.

The exhibit is the first of its kind, said Patty Rhule, the Newseum’s senior manager of exhibit development. She told the Pan-African News Wire, “I don’t think these newspapers have ever been together in one exhibit before.”

The exhibit will include 60 artifacts of the oldest ethnic media publications from 1732. One of the newspapers to be presented in the interactive map is “El Misisipi,” the earliest known Spanish-language newspaper published in New Orleans beginning in 1808.

Rhule said the exhibit is in recognition of the growing importance of the ethnic media in drawing attention to “issues that mainstream media wasn’t covering.”

The FilAm learned there will be three Filipino American publications in the exhibit, two of them newspapers. The FilAm is the only digital magazine.

In an email to The FilAm’s founding editor, Cristina DC Pastor, the Newseum’s Visual Resources Assistant
Colleen Bernhard requested images from the magazine’s first published issue in 2011: “The Newseum, in partnership with The Smithsonian Institution, is working on an exhibition on the origins and influence of the Ethnic Media in the US. One Nation with News For All opens May 16th of this year and runs until January 4, 2015… One of the papers included in this interactive (exhibit) is online magazine The FilAm.”

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