You’re beautiful, Mariah Carey

Before the wardrobe malfunction. Photos by Elton Lugay

Before the wardrobe malfunction. Photos by Elton Lugay

By Elton Lugay

Her Donatella Versace gown popped open. Her shoes did not match the silver gown. If you were a legendary diva like Mariah Carey, the public would expect a reaction close to a meltdown. That did not happen at the May 24 “Good Morning America” Summer Concert held at Central Park.

“Oh sh_t” was all that was muttered by the poised and glamorous ‘bestselling female artist of all time’ based on all-time record of 200 million albums sold. It was even funny the way she said it as she was being interviewed by GMA’s Lara Spencer. The audience never glimpsed her losing her cool. “The back of my dress just popped. I love you Donatella, but it popped, darling.”

As a matter of fact, she gave her version of ‘wardrobe malfunction’ a name: “The Central Park Saga.”

Mariah offered to just hold up her gown while on stage. “What are you gonna do?” But a commercial break allowed her to change into a pink gown that gave her no trouble at all during the rest of the show.

If she was slightly irked it was more toward those in the audience who kept snapping photos while she was rehearsing.

“I’ll love you more if you put your camera down when I’m rehearsing,” she pleaded with audience in that sultry voice of hers. “I hope it’s not too much to ask.”

The show went on in spite of the gown mishap and the rainshowers. Hundreds came to see Mariah Carey, and they came prepared with big umbrellas and raincoats. One avid fan was Josephine Tyler, a Filipino American sales associate.

“It was worth getting up so early today,” she told The FilAm. “I report to work at 10 a.m. and leave home every day at 9. But today I left home at 6 to be here in time for the show.”

One of the early birds, Josephine was able to get a front row seat, hence an up-close view of her favorite pop vocalist.

When the rain came pouring down, Rumsey Playfield blossomed into a garden of colorful umbrellas as Mariah was belting out “You’re beautiful,” her newest single. She sang while seated on a white velvety chair and dueting with Grammy award-winning artist Miguel.

During a commercial break, she asked the audience if they thought she was awful for ditching the wrong shoes and tossing them on the side of the stage. Everyone just clapped and cheered.

Mariah’s voice, tempo and style are best experienced live. She has no problem showcasing a crystal clear, high octave belt next to an airy whisper just within the space of a word.

A hot pink number after the 'Central Park Saga'

A hot pink number after the ‘Central Park Saga’

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