Yule never be far from home

Holiday trimmings give this local bank the feel of home. The FilAm photos


Red-and-green potted ferns with touches of gold outside a grocery store

It’s been said: When the last bone of turkey is safely put away, Santa should be on his merry way. The day after Thanksgiving, New Jersey has started to deck out in red and green, lights and lanterns and stars and sleighs and snowballs and stockings.

Some houses have them in abundance, others with just the understated, dignified wreath by the door. Through the autumn chill, residents in thick jackets may be seen balancing on ladders as they hang their icicles or sprinkle their evergreens with red felt ribbons.

The images below capture the neighboring cities of New Jersey in Rahway, Colonia, Metuchen, Woodbridge and Edison – home to hundreds of thousands of Filipino Americans – dressing up for Christmas. For FilAms who grew up in the Christian tradition celebrating the birth of Christ, it’s a reassuring feeling that one is never really far away from home. – Cristina DC Pastor

In this Jewish neighborhood, the toy soldiers and the candy canes are the symbols of the season


Pine trees from Canada are ready to adorn American homes


The Nativity rises in this serene neighborhood.


Plastic Snowman to Inflatable Santa: ‘I don’t need to put on airs’


Born this way. This and other fire hydrants around Metuchen have been painted red and green for many years now.

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