TOFA’s iPhone moments

Why is emcee Bessie Badilla on the floor? Co-emcee Jose Antonio Vargas also wants to know.

Point, click and send: Through these photos, we hope to transport our readers to October 27 at Carnegie Hall when the community honored this year’s batch of Filipino American achievers. Please see preceding article for the complete names of The Twelve Outstanding Filipino Americans in the New York Tri-State. Photos by Rolan Gutierrez and Francois Medina.

Ayesha Vera-Yu of the Advancement for Rural Kids receives a trophy and a medal from Consul General Mario de Leon Jr. and community leader Loida Nicolas Lewis.

Lumen Castaneda thanks AFTA teachers, two of them lending her support.

From left, Mayor Guillermo Udarbe, Rene Meily and Jorge Ortoll

TOFA organizers from left, Rolan Gutierrez, Myrna de Guia Gutierrez, Cristina DC Pastor and Elton Lugay

Rosalyn de Castro proclaims why she is proud to be Filipino American.

Two of Broadway’s best: Les Miserables’ Adam Jacobs and Ali Ewoldt

Cheesa and Charice thrill the audience with powerful solos and a rare duet.

It’s almost midnight, but who’s in the mood to break up?

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