Rolando Lavarro joins Team Fulop in mayoral race

First Filipino and first Asian elected in Jersey City

The office of Jersey City mayoral aspirant Steven Fulop announced that Councilman-At-Large Rolando Lavarro will be one of the first three candidates who will be joining his 2013 ticket.

The councilman of Ward E said the rest of the six candidates to comprise Team Fulop will be named in late fall. Those candidates have not been selected yet, and the team continues to interview candidates interested in running for office.

The first three council candidates are:

– Rolando Lavarro – Independently elected in last year’s special election to Councilman-At-Large. Lavarro is the first Filipino and Asian American elected in Jersey City.

– David Donnelly – Independently elected Councilman in Ward B at a special election.

– Candice Osborne – Ward “E” community activist.

Steven Fulop

“I am excited to have the first three terrific partners who are enthusiastic in being part of the team,” said Fulop. “My goal is that the eventual complete ticket will reflect the true diversity and potential of the city, giving more opportunities to exceptional women and minorities. This is exciting step for our team.”

“This energetic team, led by Steve Fulop, has a shared vision of a thriving city that is safer, more affordable for families, and is responsive to the diverse and urgent needs of all its residents,” said Lavarro. “I’m excited to be part of a team with an unwavering commitment to transforming our neighborhoods and city government.”

“I have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion of underrepresented communities like Filipinos who have contributed so much to Jersey City,” said Fulop. “It is a big deal that we now have the first Filipino and Asian American councilperson in Jersey City in Rolando. I’m glad to have him on the team, and to work with him in creating a better future for Jersey City.”


  1. Robert Hawes wrote:

    These candidates are “American Philippinos” NOT “Philippine/Americans”. If they are not Americans “FIRST” of Philippine heritage, then they shouldn’t be running for elected office in America.

    • Mia Fernandez wrote:

      The phrases “Filipino American” and “Asian American” merely indicate the ancestry or place of origin of people in general and in this case, of Mr. Lavarro in particular. They follow widely-accepted verbiage formats used by others and are acknowledgements of a person’s ancestry, i.e. Irish American, German American, African American, etc. The terms are not to be construed as professions of loyalty to another country.

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