Asis triplets: Three’s a champ

From left,  Abigail, Kayla and Gabriella Asis, also known as the Triple Threat: National Champions of the 2011 Girls Division in soccer.

Filipino American triplets, Gabriella, Kayla, and Abigail Asis, won the 3v3 Soccer tournament on November 28, making them national champions in the girls division for 10 year olds.

The Asis girls, all aged 10 and U.S.-born,  are the daughters of David Asis, IT Manager for the Federal Reserve System, and Marilyn, who worked until 2020 as supervisory manager for the Fed. The family lives in South Jersey with three other children: Michael,  11; Chloe, 3; and Ian, 6 months. David’s family is from Infanta, Quezon and Marilyn’s from Binmaley, Pangasinan.

“One could make the argument that being triplets has its advantages, especially when it comes to sports,” said David, their father and coach. “It’s almost as if they have a special connection with one another on the field.”

Their quest to win the tournament started in July 2021 at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships in Virginia.  They played 3v3 soccer within the 10 and 11 year olds division and were undefeated in all games.  As the winner of that division, the triplets earned a “Golden Ticket” to qualify to the 3v3 National Championships tournament.  Over the next four months, in between their club soccer training, schoolwork, and household chores, the triplets worked hard to prepare for the national championships.

The girls in a prayer huddle.

“The triplets worked on ball mastery, ball control, 1v1 attack moves, defensive moves, position transitioning, strength and agility, and speed training,” said David who trained the girls at home and at the park for the competition.

On Thanksgiving Day, the triplets and their father flew to Palm Beach Gardens, Florida to face some of the top teams from across the country.  The triplet’s team, known as Triple Threat Soccer, was the only team in their age group (2011 girls) to represent the states of New Jersey and New York. Mom and other siblings stayed at home due to COVID concerns.

The Triple Threat Soccer team consisted of just the Asis sisters while all the other teams that competed had as many as six players. This meant their team had no substitutes and that Gabriella, Kayla, and Abigail each had to play every single minute of every game.  The only break they had to recover or grab a drink, was during halftime. 

The triplets were challenged early on during the group stage.  They battled against several strong teams from Illinois and Florida.  While other teams called it a day after their games and returned to their hotels to enjoy the pool, the triplets stayed behind to watch other games and refined their game strategies, said their father. “The triplets knew that when the time came, they had to play well or go home.”

Before kicking off their semi-final match against a team from Pennsylvania, they huddled and told one another, “It’s our time to shine!” The sisters quickly jumped to a 2-0 lead in the first minute of the game, and ultimately won the match 6-2.  Although the triplets finished strong in the semi-finals, they wanted to finish stronger at the finals. 

Abigail, Kayla and Gabriella: Top in class, tough in the field.

Later that day, during the championship game, the triplets were tied 2-2 in the second half against a team from Louisiana.  Despite the pressure, the triplets found their groove, scoring five more goals to secure the win 7-2.   They had accomplished their goal, becoming National Champions of the 2011 Girls Division!

No days off

The triplets and their big brother Michael, who is 1 year older, have always enjoyed playing soccer.  They touched a soccer ball since they were toddlers and started playing recreational soccer with their friends at 3 years old.  They quickly made the transition from township recreational soccer to elite level, playing for soccer clubs such as Player Development Academy (PDA) and South Jersey Elite Barons (SJEB FC).  

The triplets’ aspirations are to play Division 1 college soccer and ultimately play professional soccer at an international level.   Said their father, “With their mantra of#NoDaysOff, the triplets know the dedication and commitment required to achieve their goals.  While still early in their soccer journey, competing and winning the national championship is an amazing accomplishment.”

The triplets are the top students in their 5th grade class.  All three have 98 percent and higher grades across their core classes.   Not only are they in the school’s Gifted and Talented program, but they are also in the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth program.  “Outside of soccer,” said David, “the triplets enjoy singing and reading.”

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