Hate crime survivor calls for ‘vigilance’ vs anti-Asian violence

No one offered to help the Filipino man who was attacked at this station.

By Vicky Potenciano-Vitug

The Filipino health care manager who was attacked on June 8 coming out of the 103rd Station said his bruises are “almost gone” but he continues to receive counseling for possible emotional trauma.

“The extent of the impact on mental health is still being assessed,” the assault survivor told The FilAm.

The man who requested that he remain anonymous, said that on June 8, he got off the train at 103rd Street Subway Station when he witnessed a male passenger, possibly another Asian, being attacked by a black male who was angrily screaming “Get out!” and “Go back to where you came from!”

The attacker looked young, possibly in his 20s.

The Asian man was able to escape from the attacker who then turned his attention on the Filipino who was standing nearby. The suspect then charged toward the Pinoy while continuing to scream, “Go back to where you came from!” He cornered the Filipino man against the wall, then repeatedly hit him hard on the head and face. Although somewhat disoriented with the impact of the blows, he was able to stagger toward the exit at the far end of the station platform. There were bystanders, but no one offered to help, he said.

The man said, “Can someone please help!” as he was trying to get to a safer location. “No one helped.”

He has since avoided taking the train unless absolutely necessary, he told this writer. “My spouse drives me to work in the mornings from Monday to Wednesday, then public transportation on other times.

His case remains pending, he added, but there is now a detective assigned to track down the attacker.

“Is it a hate crime, I cannot say for certain without the official report from the police,” he said. “I can only judge it based on my personal recollection. There was violence, and the man to my recollection was shouting, ‘Get out!’ or ‘Go back where you came from!’ So I would say that it is potentially a hate crime.”

He said the encounter left him emotionally scarred and shocked that such hateful violence has happened to him and that other Filipinos that may include members of his family could also become victims.

“Statistically there’s been a surge of violence due to Asian hatred. We are calling on our officials to help us address this now! We should not want another statistic. Asian haters are still out there. Let us be more cautious and vigilant,” he said.

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