Teen author Casey Giles publishes two fiction books

She wants to travel the world, a ‘good inspiration for writing.’

Casey Giles, the only child of a Filipina immigrant and a fifth-generation Texan, has published her first novel titled, “Indifferents,” last November of 2019, followed quickly by its sequel “Indigo Fading,” which was released on December 25, 2020.

She had her book launch and signing event on March 6, 2021, in Sugarland, Texas with proceeds from the sale benefiting the Grace Drive Ministry for special needs kids headquartered in Texas but has a ministry in the Philippines. 

“Casey has been part of our mission ministry group since she’s 9 years old,” her mother Lilibeth Rogando Giles told The FilAm. I asked Casey if she would want to sponsor special need kids through Shepherd’s Care under Grace Drive Ministry through the profit of her book sales, and she didn’t hesitate and agreed.”

The 15-year-old lives with her family and a hyper-active dog named Boodle in Houston, Texas. She attends Fulshear High School. She wants to study abroad for college and to one day travel the world. Casey finds it “exciting” going to new places.

Casey with parents Lilibeth Rogando from Alfonso, Cavite, and Wade Giles from Houston, a fifth-generation Texan.

“They’re a good inspiration for writing,” she said in an interview with The FilAm.

“Indifferents” follows 13-year-old Jack who finds a mysterious piece of technology that may save his camp – or destroy it — depending on how it is used. “Indigo Fading” is Book 2 of Jack’s adventures that take him to a secret city where the walls seem to be closing in on him. The universe of “Indifferents” is set in a dystopian scene, where different organizations and groups band together to survive the run-down world and its obstacles, as well as avoid or make conflict and war. Jack, who resides in the center of the social turmoil, is not particularly on either side of the two extremes, “Good” and “Evil.”

Casey said “Indifferents” was inspired by her love of reading and fabricating her own tales. “I love creating worlds that I get into, and plotting a fictional story.”

“Indifferents” garnered much acclaim with readers describing it as a fun, “fast-paced adventure.” Although the novel — in the Young Adult genre — is directed towards middle school-aged children, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from elementary students to adults, said Casey. Both books are available on Amazon.

Having grown up with books courtesy of her parents, Casey loves to read historical and science fiction.

Her favorite things to do in her free time are hanging out at parks with her friends, going out for milk tea, and generally staying active both indoors and outdoors. She loves the color combination yellow and blue, and while she’ll listen to mostly any type of music, she is partial to Rock and its subgenres.

At a book launch at Brazos Book Store in Houston.

She enjoys Fine Arts and History, her favorite classes including Orchestra and Social Studies. Casey has been playing the violin since she was 10, finding it more interesting than the piano, which she started with. She does painting, digital art, and dabbles in animation.

Casey is the daughter of Wade Giles from Houston, Texas, and Lilibeth Rogando from Alfonso, Cavite.

“My mom is a quality engineer and my dad is the general manager of an electronic manufacturing company. My dad is a native Houstonian,” said Casey.

Through her writing, Casey’s goal is to “hopefully inspire my readers to be creative and pursue their passions.”

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