Images from the campaign headquarters

By Lindy Rosales & Boyet Loverita

It’s been more than two weeks since the stunning political upset in U.S. election history. Reality TV show celebrity Donald Trump won over former Secretary of State and more experienced politician Hillary Clinton to become the 45th American President.

The Republican President-Elect Trump won the Electoral College although Clinton overwhelmingly won the popular vote. As of this post she leads by at least 2 million votes.

The press and the public swamped the Clinton headquarter at the Javitz Convention Center — the woman candidate who vowed in her campaign to smash the glass ceiling. There was another ‘war room’ by Broad Street down Wall Street. The Clinton headquarters gave tickets to the public while Trump’s post-election headquarters access was severely restricted to a few major television networks. Media, Trump supporters and the international press who did not have access to the ballroom but were able to enter the Hyatt Hilton milled outside the ballroom, spilling to the hotel lobby and the two bars on the first floor of the Hyatt Hotel. Several reporters were providing live broadcasts using their iPhones, an indication of how social media was very much a crucial part of this election.

The New York City Police Department had 5,000 officers and men providing security to the public that day as the two candidates chose to remain in New York City to wait for the election results.

As the shock over the results wanes, we present the following photos of a historic election coverage we were fortunate to be part of.


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