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Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña announced on September 12 the launch of NYC School Finder — schoolfinder.nyc.gov – an easy-to-use online tool that lets users search New York City’s hundreds of high school choices by school name, keyword, location, size, and more.

NYC School Finder – built to help families address the challenges of the city’s high school enrollment process and identify 12 choices for their high school application – is currently in beta and is available in Spanish and English. Over 30 school counselors, students, and community members tested NYC School Finder and advised on its design. The city will continue to improve the tool based on ongoing user engagement and through the feedback form on NYC School Finder.

The initial development of NYC School Finder was supported by private funding through The Fund for Public Schools. Additional funding for continued development will support adding more languages and features that better serve the needs of students and families.

NYC School Finder is a mobile-friendly tool that works on phones, the primary point of Internet access for many of New York City’s students and families. No download from an app store is required – users only need to navigate schoolfinder.nyc.gov on their device’s browser and then bookmark or add to home screen. Once users open NYC School Finder on their devices, they can continue to use the application if their data connection is lost.

“There are so many great high schools in New York City, and NYC School Finder is an empowering tool that is easy to use and meets school staff and families where they are – as many of them primarily access the Internet on their phones,” said Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña. “This is a step forward towards an easier and more equitable high school choice process, and we’ll be watching its use closely as we consider developing similar tools for middle school, elementary school, and pre-K.”

“As a public school parent, I think this is a huge step in the right direction, and makes high school choices more accessible for students and families,” said Michael Kraft, a public school parent and Manhattan representative on the Citywide Council on High Schools. “This is a great foundation for widening the horizon for families – making it easier to see high school choices, and more information about those choices.”

Recent research around the city’s high school enrollment process highlighted the time investment required to adequately search for, and identify, high school choices. NYC School Finder’s landing page allows users to search high schools by any word that appears in its name or description of its academics and activities. These include each school’s unique offerings in:

• Academics (examples: AP courses, language courses, ELL programs)

• Activities (examples: yearbook, robotics, debate)

• Sports (examples: basketball, handball, soccer)

Users can then narrow their results by boroughs, zip code, admissions method, school size, school eligibility, and accessibility. For example, a user could find all Bronx STEM schools with an enrollment of less than 500 students in under 30 seconds.

The individual school pages on NYC School Finder include the same content as the print NYC High School Directory, as well as a link to Google Maps to calculate commute time; a link to in-depth school data available on the School Performance Dashboard; and a link to reviews and stats on Insideschools.org. Students, families, and counselors can also favorite schools, creating a list that can be shared or printed.

NYC School Finder was developed by the DOE’s Office of Student Enrollment and Division of Instructional and Information Technology in collaboration with the Mayor’s Office of Technology & Innovation and Pivotal Labs. — NYC Department of Education

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