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whale Bridgeport, N.Y. author Heidy Ramos announces the nationwide release of her new children’s book, “Whale Whale Go Away,” where she brings kids along on an adventure that teaches them about kindness and friendship.

“Whale Whale Go Away” is a story of two cousins whose adventure on the beach turns into a rescue. They are both challenged on how they can help, through compassion, letting go of a big fish and making a big friend. The adventurous cousins become unlikely heroes as they go on their quest.

“I wrote this book from my childhood events,” shared Ramos in an email comment to The FilAm. “I’m writing through my experience the wonders, beauty of the Philippine culture and landscape.”

The book is based on real events.

“Growing up in the Philippines is full of exploration, adventures, challenges, facing your fears and as a child making your own decision that the nature has provided naturally. I am blessed to have this experience and having the nature as my playground.”

Ramos recently graduated from the Institute of Children’s Literature. She has always had a passion for writing. She was born and raised in the Philippines, and she brings her culture to the States. Stories she heard as a child, she said, are different from children’s stories in America.

A runaway at age 16, Ramos met her first husband in Subic, Zambales, where he was stationed by the U.S. Navy. The marriage ended in divorce. She married a second time.

“I experienced much pain and confusion throughout my childhood,” writes Heidy on her website, Ramos said she writes children’s book “to inspire my children to never give up on each other and love each other—come what may. I pray that future mothers will never abandon their children— no matter what the circumstances may be. God always has a way to make things right.”

Ramos lives in New York with two of her five children. When she is not writing, she is cooking, hiking or kayaking with her family. Her other works are “Island of Dreams: A Memoir;” “Secret Whisper” and her first children’s book, “The Girl Who Wears a Gumamela Flower.”

“Whale Whale Go Away” is published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises. Tthe book is also available through bookstores nationwide or by visiting

Stories she heard as a child are  different from children’s stories in America.

Stories she heard as a child are different from children’s stories in America.

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