FILAMSPEAK: Are you a proud American?

Proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free.

That freedom manifests in many ways as expressed by the Filipino Americans we reached out to – the freedom to assert one’s voice, the freedom to uphold one’s belief, the freedom to pursue an uncommon lifestyle, the freedom to choose a leader no matter if that leader may not embody the best of what our society aspires to be. Being a proud American is more than just loving one’s country. Equally important, it’s being able to be one’s own person through whatever path he/she chooses to be.

Happy Fourth of July to our readers — Cristina DC Pastor

lenn (5) - Copy

Lenn Almadin Thornhill
Fios 1 News

I am a proud American but I am also a very worried American. If we can have somebody like Donald Trump who has a real shot at becoming President of the U.S. that says a lot about our freedoms.

Photo by Patrick Ang

Photo by Patrick Ang

Justine Ang Fonte
Member, Board of Directors
Roots of Health/ Ugat Ng Kalusugan

I’m not. I am an American who is proud. Proud of how hard my immigrant parents worked to leave Bagabag and Romblon to start a career and family in the Silicon Valley. Proud of how they raised me in Filipino values so strong that it transferred into the white spaces I occupied. Proud of my Lieutenant Commander Kuya who protects a country that does not always protect its own people of color. Proud of the opportunities I’ve been afforded “to meet the diversity quota” in leadership positions (as I am told). Proud of being a 30-year old and already on the other end of the decision table creating opportunities exclusively for Pinays in a country that is full of them but limits our narrative to a stereotype. Proud of giving women a voice to redefine their agency in a city full of cat-calling and Trump towers. I am proud of how loud my voice is in the fight for social justice.

chuayana (2)

Hydreck Chuayana
Product Designer and Developer
Fantasia Ltd.

Proud to be American! First off because I live in a country where Freedom and Democracy are upheld, where my rights as an individual are protected under the Constitution. I am free and have the right to enjoy my individuality. Second, I live in a nation where anything is possible. The land of opportunity if you strive hard and you can achieve your dreams. Third, proud to be an American because of our rebellious and stubborn attitude, that no one can tell us how to be. Remembering those who fought and fell for our freedom. Lastly, proud to be American because we have a heart of a nation that embraces love and life and care for others. We are not perfect but we always struggle to be better. That is one great opportunity and lesson we can share to the next generation and to the rest of the world.

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Enrico Dungca
Amerasian Photography Project

First, how do we define an American? For me, as cliche as it sounds, an American is not white, black, gay, lesbian, rich, or poor. An American is someone who embraces the equality and diversity in this great country. An American is someone who accepts and respects his or her neighbors’ beliefs, not someone who strikes down their differences. An American accepts and welcomes people from all corners of the world and makes them feel at home. An American holds the integrity of democracy. An American equals freedom. For these reasons, I am proud to be a citizen of this great country, and I take pride to represent my mother country, the Philippines, in this diverse nation and the depth of its rich culture.

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Edward Carrasco
Retired Deputy Inspector

I’m proud to be an American because of the freedom and opportunities we all have. No matter who you are or where you come from your hard work will be rewarded.

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Juliet Payabyab
United Mindoro International

Proud to be an American for I have enjoyed my career lifestyle, freedom, access to many cultural events for 40 long years in America and still do. I am equally proud to be a Filipino sa diwa at sa gawa.

joji velzon (3) - Copy

Joji Reyes Ortega-Babuschak
JB Entertainment Productions, LLC

I am a proud American because of the freedom I am given by this country. A huge thank you to the brave men and women serving everywhere to protect all of us, also my family. God Bless America!

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