Del Rosario says Avendula ‘tried to kick me out’ of RDR (Part 2)

RDR Cargo in 2013: Bbalikbayan boxes in warehouse and ready to ship

RDR Cargo in 2013: Balikbayan boxes in warehouse and ready to ship

By Cristina DC Pastor

“All allegations are not true,” declared Rommel del Rosario, responding to fraud allegations made in court by Payag Restaurant owner Rena Avendula. (See Part 1: Payag owner files lawsuit vs founder of RDR Cargo for fraud, ‘threat to kill’)

Del Rosario threw back at Avendula the same accusations, saying she “took off with the funds.”

“The reason why RDR cargo is delayed is partly due to funds were mismanaged and she took off with the funds,” he said when The FilAm contacted him for comments. “I am left with 12 problematic containers that had no funds. She destroyed the company’s reputation.”

Del Rosario’s said the partnership began in March 2015, and Avendula left in October.

“She left the company in shambles, she tried to kick me out of my company using our partnership agreement but the agreement which she herself made was dissolved by my lawyer due to technicalities,” he said.

Worse, according to Del Rosario, Avendula formed her own cargo company called Abtiq.

“How could you believe someone claiming she lost money on a business and found out later she opened the same nature of business…and took my database?” he asked. “That’s a contradicting move.”

Del Rosario said Avendula is making it difficult for RDR to recover financially. He said, “Her making everything public is to add negativity to RDR’s name and worsen the recovery. If that happens, boxes will be affected and innocent clients will be affected.” He disclosed how he is in the process of disposing of his properties to pay for the release of the containers that are being held up at the Bureau of Customs and finally get them delivered to customers.

Rena Avendula, Rommel del Rosario

Rena Avendula, Rommel del Rosario

Avendula, a businesswoman who operates Payag Restaurant in addition to a recruitment agency and a media company, said she asked her sister to open a cargo company “to make sure that we can distribute the boxes.” The company is based in the Philippines, specifically in Manila and Cebu.

“When I joined the company so much containers and boxes being held due to non-payment to LCSN Movers,” she said. “They hold the boxes up to 113 shipments. That’s why I made a decision to take the risk starting with shipment 114 to run our own operation in distribution using my personal money.” She maintained RDR was in bad financial shape when she took over, and Del Rosario misrepresented its condition.

Asked if they were friends, Avendula disclosed Del Rosario used to work for her.

“He was my ex-employee,” she said. “Both the son and the mother always went to the restaurant almost every day from December 2014 to February 2015.”

Good day. My name is jojit and i want to share our experience with company. My parents are from pennsylvania and last oct ** they sent us a balikbayan box ( 2 boxes). last week i filed a complaint with the department of trade and industry here in the Philippines. as of to date we still have not received our box… To my surprise there are a lot of complaint against this company.. It’s been 4 months and we still have not received our box.. I hope this could serve as a warning to others. To god be the glory. (This report against RDR was filed with the Better Business Bureau.)

Complaints like this have dogged RDR for several months now, tarnishing its reputation as a reliable and professionally run cargo forwarder. In 2013, it made its mark as a business noted for its generosity and compassion when it offered to ship for free clothing and other donations to the Philippines at the height of Typhoon Haiyan. Today, the company is synonymous with delays and undelivered balikbayan boxes.

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