‘Carnal Orient’ filming its response to offensive ‘Asian Girlz’ video

The filmmakers behind ‘Carnal Orient:’ Mila Zuo, Angela Seo, and Camille Mana

The filmmakers behind ‘Carnal Orient:’ Mila Zuo, Angela Seo, and Camille Mana

A year ago, the blatantly racist and sexist music video “Asian Girlz” popped up on YouTube. The song has since been removed from the Internet, but a group of California women, led by actress Camille Mana, will not let the song go quietly down in infamy. Their response to “Asian Girls” is “Carnal Orient,” a short music film that they hope will counter the “longstanding objectification of (Asian women) as sexual objects.”

“Carnal Orient” will feature an original score by Angela Seo from the band Xiu Xiu. Angela will be co-directing with Mila Zuo, a PhD candidate from UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television and co-founder of PublicNotice Design. Camille, a FilAm actress who appeared with Jesse Eisenberg in the 2011 hit play “Asuncion,” is producing the project.

“Carnal Orient” will reveal the nightmarish undertones of Asian fetish through the use of spectacular production design, special effects, performance, and music, said the women through their Kickstarter crowdfunding which ended in July. They managed to raise more than $5K from a goal of $4,500.

“As a psychological exploration of carnal desire and pleasure, the film will be unsettling and provocative, a visual protest against the dehumanization of Asian females,” they continued.

The producers would like to submit their film to international film festivals, then to cable networks like HBO and Showtime, and finally to online distribution channels like Hulu and Netflix.

A video capture from 'Asian Girlz'

A video capture from ‘Asian Girlz’

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