Rosalyn de Castro eyes the Olympics as her goal

Rosalyn de Castro with teammate Adam Webb

Rosalyn de Castro with teammate Adam Webb

Ten-year-old Rosalyn de Castro led her hockey team to the championship of the Hudson Valley Hockey League, as the captain — and goalie — of the all-boys NYC Skyliners.

Rosalyn, a fifth grader at St. Adalbert School, helped the team win its first playoff game with a shutout, usually credited to a goalie’s effective defense. Her mom Janice Guevarra Javier said Rosalyn didn’t let in one goal, winning 2-0 for the team. “This is the fourth shutout for her this season,” Janice told The FilAm.

Rosalyn got interested in the sport after listening to stories of great moments in hockey history from her dad, goalie Jonathan de Castro, a sought-after coach in the New York Tri-State, who began playing as a goaltender at 2 years old.

Rosalyn started playing house league with other kids in school and the neighborhood who played in the same rink day in and day out. Throughout her growth, said Janice, “she has excelled enough to keep up and gain respect throughout the boys teams.”

“There aren’t many girls that play at her age. Hockey is just now growing in popularity and gaining more followers for the female divisions,” she added. But Rosalyn, who looks to the trails blazed by Cami Granato and Julie Chu, is on the ice six days a week and works with her father and other coaches, such as Winter Olympics gold medalist Alana Blahoski. “She has an incredible work ethic,” said Janice.

Rosalyn had also worked with Henrik Lunqvist and Mike Richter of the NY Rangers, her “athletic inspiration,” said Janice proudly.

“I can’t really say she is a protégé of a specific person,” she said. “She receives so much instruction from so many different professionals. They all contribute to her development. They all want to see her make it to the Olympics.”

Janice further characterized her younger daughter as “strong academically, tough minded, cute and charismatic.” From her budding track record as a goalie, Rosalyn is likewise a quick thinker and almost cat-like in her reflexes.

She also loves surfing and music and is a fan of the Beastie Boys and the Black Eyed Peas. — Cristina DC Pastor

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