What an Enrique Iglesias concert does to women

A C cup finds its way on stage. Photos by Elton Lugay

A C cup finds its way on stage. Photos by Elton Lugay

By Elton Lugay

A woman in the packed Enrique Iglesias concert was having her own screechfest. In an agitated state, she unhooked her bra and threw it at the singer well into his “I Like How it Feels” number.

The Latino-Filipino singer appeared flustered but gamely played along, holding the C cup while feigning surprise.

This is what Enrique Iglesias does to women. They would go to extremes just to be noticed by this seductive son of Spanish balladeer Julio Iglesias and Filipina socialite Isabel Preysler.

It’s exhilarating to watch the certified heartthrob on stage. My first time. He sang in that melodious Latin voice — with matching accent — which make his fans go wild.

Univision Radio produced the May 14 private concert at Terminal 5 in Manhattan for its advertisers and loyal radio listeners. “American Idol” finalist Jessica Sanchez, herself of Latino and Filipino descent, gave the opening number.

Jessica Sanchez

Jessica Sanchez

Jessica performed five songs from her recently released album, “Me, You and the Music,” including the Spanglish version of “No One Compares.” Her vocals were undoubtedly powerful but she failed to connect with the audience who gave her a lukewarm reception. The audience didn’t seem to be paying attention. The crowd was noisy while she sang. She got a polite applause.

By comparison, Enrique had the audience hanging on to his every word. They were reacting and singing with him. The girls were screaming. Just pure pandemonium each time he appeared on stage.

Enrique began with his titillating hit “Tonight, I’m Loving You.” He was full of energy, moving and dancing from one corner of the stage to another. Wearing a red crew shirt over blue jeans, he had no problem engaging his Latino fans. The baseball cap stayed on throughout the concert.

In between performances, he would deliver bits of stories about his life in both Spanish and English. He got more applause when he spoke in Spanish. As a young boy visiting the U.S. for the first time, he recalled telling his father he wanted to be a famous singer like him.

Enrique would handpick a couple from the crowd. He serenaded them with a Spanish love song and also shared a bottle of tequila. The crowd loved the romantic gesture.

My friend Erno Hormillosa, who watched the show with me, said it’s a shame that Enrique is not being marketed to Filipino fans. “He’s truly a total performer!”

Enrique performed about a dozen songs in both English and Spanish, all the while as the crowd of more than 500 didn’t mind being on their feet for several hours.

Unlike most concerts where the sound system blares too loudly, in this concert the ear-blasters were the screaming fans.

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  1. m matthews wrote:

    Dear Elton,

    I did enjoy reading your amusing article about Rickey Iglesias.
    I’m sure you are fan after listing to him sing for the very first time.
    Elton, you reports of the FilAm are good as they can get. I do remain

    Very truly yours,

    M. Matthews, your Hungarian, Slovak, Israeli, American fan

  2. Indira Segarra-Tubig wrote:

    Dear Elton,
    What Enrique Iglesias does to a Woman especially a fan like Me?
    One word. Euphoric.
    But please do not misconstrued me on that regard.
    I found and agreed that your reports about the Filipino/American community as very informative and inspiring
    lifting my spirits in high hopes.
    All the best to the work that you do and May God Bless You Always!

    Indi Segarra-Tubig

  3. Elton Lugay wrote:

    Mike and Indi—thank you for the nice compliments. Keep ’em coming, I’ll be more inspired to write stories for you guys!

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