How chocolate changed Melissa Alviar’s life

'A gift of health.' Photo by Rolan Gutierrez

‘A gift of health.’ Photo by Rolan Gutierrez

By Cristina DC Pastor

On February 5th, Melissa Alviar will be opening her Upper West Side home to an intimate soiree of chocolate and wine lovers. There won’t be any self-inflicted hedonism, no whips and chains. While the match-up seems to suggest heart-thumping decadence, she swore everything that will be passed around is “healthy.”

Welcome to Melissa’s after-hours chocolate tasting. While her chocolates are dark Belgian and her martinis fine and fruity, there are no preservatives and they are high in anti-oxidants. She touted her products to be beneficial for wellness because they curb those pesky cravings and boost the energy.

Melissa pulled out the science behind her claims. Xocai (pronounced ‘sho-sigh’) chocolates are said to be developed using a “patented, cold-pressing process used on its antioxidant-rich raw cocoa, acai and berries.” These ingredients score high in the ORACfn (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) test that measures the antioxidant capacity of a particular food product, further said this graduate of NYU and Madison Square Garden employee. “I want to give my guests the gift of health,” said Melissa, a marketing associate for Xocai known as “The Healthy Chocolate”

X-rated: Xocai's chocolates, mocktails and power drinks

X-rated: Xocai’s chocolates, mocktails and power drinks

She said, “Anyone can eat the chocolates — kids or adults.” She has replaced her old chocolate brand with Xocai using low-glycemic sugars in the last four years since she joined the company’s network marketing program. Her looks and burst of energy, she said, are proof positive of Xocai’s benefits.

“I don’t look my age, do I”? she said. “Change your chocolate, change your life is what I tell my customers.”

Xocai products include a line of high anti-oxidant protein shake, cookies, Xe, an alternative healthy energy drink which she uses for her martini cocktails, a healthy version of Peanut Buttercups, anti-aging capsules, Xovitality. To be launched in May is a line of high-antioxidant cacao-based anti-aging skin care called Xophoria.

When told the chocolate packaging looks dull, she blurted, “We’re not candy. You can’t put us in a store next to the candies.” Xocai is available only through the company website or through marketing associates like Melissa.

Melissa’s first chocolate tasting was at her friend Bonnie Pfeifer-Evans’s Fifth Avenue penthouse. Bonnie is a successful Xocai distributor in New York and had introduced the chocolates to patients at the post-op cardiac unit at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

“I have to admit, I was so entranced by Bonnie’s passion of sharing Xocai, the ambiance of her apartment and I also enjoyed the tasting,” said Melissa. It did not take long before she got hooked and signed up as a distributor.

At her own series of tasting parties this Valentine month, Melissa expects an intimate group of anywhere from four to 10 people. Xe-tini cocktails will break the ice, followed by an array of chocolate products and cookies paired with fruits in season. As the short presentation goes on, everyone is expected to be relaxed, curious and asking a lot of questions.

“There is no obligation to buy or to join the program,” she stressed. “I’m here to share the benefits of Xocai, it’s for them to ‘get it.’”


The chocolate for anti-aging, weight loss and energy.
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  1. Debbie S wrote:

    Hi Melissa, Thanks for sharing and introducing to us this healthy chocolate. It is high in antioxidants and also good for kids. Jillian always had the chocolate an hour before swimming practice and competitions. She loves the xobiotic squares and I believe it energizes her more.She’s just getting better and better in swimming. I am also taking the healthy chocolates to lose weight and for my health problems. Cheers to you and Xocai!!!

  2. Ana wrote:

    I attended one of Melissa’s Xocai presentation and I have become a believer! Initially I just thought it was fun to eat chocolates for free while sharing delicious cocktails but ever since I placed my new order I have not been able to stop ordering. I work overnight and it helps me stay up and energized at work. Everyone should give these chocolates a try.

  3. […] “There is no obligation to buy or to join the program,” she stressed. “I’m here to share the benefits of Xocai, it’s for them to ‘get it.’” – The FilAm […]

  4. Will S. wrote:

    Thanks for your sharing. Thefilam, I hope you keep writing more blogs like this one. Congratulations again on a good job Thefilam.

  5. Melissa, thank you for sharing Xocai chocolates with us @ Papa’s Kitchen-traditional Filipino restaurant-located @ 65-40 Woodside Avenue, Woodside, NY 11377. We have customers that enjoyed our Champorado served w/ Xocai chocolate, others liked the Hot chocolates w/ whipped cream & melted Xocai chocolate on top. Yum! I never thought that healthy chocolates such as Xocai would taste real good! I can’t asked for more – healthy and delish!

  6. […] “There is no obligation to buy or to join the program,” she stressed. “I’m here to share the benefits of Xocai, it’s for them to ‘get it.’” – The FilAm […]

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