SOHO filmfest partners with GIGIL for marketing campaign

Advertising that is intense, genre-bending.

GIGIL NYC partners with the SOHO International Film Festival to promote it, celebrating the cutting-edge technologies of the digital world while honoring traditional forms of storytelling.

GIGIL NYC is the U.S. office of GIGIL, an independent ad agency from the Philippines that achieved global recognition when Ad Age named it International Small Agency of the Year in 2021. GIGIL’s campaigns have been recognized for marketing effectiveness for three years in a row now by the Asia Pacific Effie Awards. Now, they’re taking on the world by opening GIGIL NYC.

On its 14th year, SOHO is #MixingGenresBreakingBoundaries. While most film festivals attempt to cater to various audiences by providing films to represent each genre–SIFFNYC searches for those that blur the lines between them. Each film is a genre-bending piece of cinema that will overwhelm your senses and put you through a rollercoaster of emotions.

If that sounds intense to you, wait till you see their carefully curated lineup of over 110 films on September 14 – 21, 2023.

The award-winning agency designed an intriguing poster that showcases this incredible mixture of ideas–featuring a blast of color that will overwhelm you and scramble up your senses. The agency also created a film for the festival. It follows a woman at the SIFFNYC as she watches the different genres from the festival. Her senses get all mixed up and react to the scenes in unusual  ways–she cries with her mouth, closes her nose in fear as if they were eyes, and laughs with her eyes. The short opener encapsulates this year’s theme in a quirky way, saying “Get your senses mixed up with our mix of movies. SOHO International Film Festival.”

The campaign

“GIGIL definitely captured the essence of our film festival and the direction we wanted it to take this year. Their creative input helped us take things on a whole new level, and we’re very excited to see what else they come up with in the future,” Jorge Ballos, founder of SIFFNYC shares.

JV Valino, managing partner of GIGIL NYC, also shares the agency’s excitement over the launch of the project.

“What better way to kick things off at GIGIL NYC than by supporting such an artful cause?” he states.

GIGIL’s past work is available at Their U.S. office can be contacted for advertising projects and campaigns at or +1 (201)354-7614.

Sibyl Santiago, executive director & head of programming for the SOHO International Film Festival adds, “GIGIL did a great job of helping us strategize on the positioning of our film festival and focusing on our identity of showcasing mixed genre films. Their art direction on the posters and their film definitely captured the attention of everyone.”

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