George Santos and the morally compromised GOP 

Trump had shown the way and Santos has avidly followed suit.

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Why are we even surprised that there’s a character named George Santos now roaming the halls of Congress? This New York congressman who took chutzpah to a new height and refuses to quit his congressional seat can only come from a line of political pests produced by Donald Trump.

Reports say Santos has lied about his education (no MBA from New York University), his work background (no record of employment at Goldman Sachs), among his litany of misrepresentations. The GOP is supporting Santos because he took Trump’s playbook and rode it to Congress. That playbook is lie, double down on the lie and just hunker down amid the din of outrage.

Politically though, Santos is needed by the GOP more than he needs them. The exceedingly narrow GOP majority in the House forced Speaker Kevin McCarthy to look at Santos and swallow his every falsehood. If the GOP loses Santos and a special election leads to a Democrat taking the seat, then its majority is reduced by one more.

Another election is due next year and the way it is going, there is no guarantee the GOP retains the majority or the Democrats slam the do-nothing Republicans aside. So even though Santos is everything a politician should not be, McCarthy is forced by political expediency to keep him.

Their fallback position is “let the Ethics committee” judge Santos. The obvious question is why can’t they decide what to do on the face of the admissions by Santos himself? The man already admitted to lying on his resume and his “accomplishments.”

Why are we even shocked by what Santos has done? These are MAGA minions who run in elections and claim, without any shred of evidence, the vote is rigged if they lose. They all drink from the well  of grievance that powers Trump. 

We should expect more of Trump’s types to run in 2024. He has shown the way and George Santos has avidly followed suit.

A GOP that is morally compromised and departing from the values held by its founding president Abraham Lincoln, who led the battle against slavery,  is but a shadow of its moral foundations.

The GOP is supporting George Santos because of moral degeneracy. It would rather do nothing instead of kicking  him out of Congress.

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