OnlyFans millionaire is ex-Vegas Pinay stripper CJ Miles

Being petite is her asset. Photo:

One of the highest earning models at is a Filipina who was once an in-demand stripper in Las Vegas.

The Daily Mail UK is reporting that CJ Miles, who “grew up in poverty in the Philippines,” is among the biggest earners of the popular adult-oriented site where she now makes $200,000 a month.

“Now, the millionaire lives the high life in Miami, Florida, and earns a whopping $200,000 on OnlyFans every month, spending her fortune on luxury vacations with private jets, stunning penthouses and more,” says the report.

CJ’s entry into the adult industry started about 12 years ago when she found work at  a Vegas club called Spearmint Rhino as a dancer.  She quickly became popular among the wealthy patrons, at one time receiving gratuity in the amount of $180,000 for just one night of dancing. “Nothing happened,” she swore. “’I didn’t see him again after that.”

The pandemic erupted in 2019 and shut down many establishments. She  decided to join  OnlyFans and found herself making even more big bucks, she gave up stripping altogether.  

“’I love getting naked so this is really the ideal job for me,” CJ tells the Daily Mail. She said being petite was her asset.

A visit to her website,, brings up additional information about CJ. She said she has a degree in BS BA in computer management from Colegio De San Juan De Letran in the Philippines. She moved to Las Vegas in 2006.

“I grew up in the Philippines with nothing. Everything I have right now and where I’m at in life is because of fate and faith,” she says. “God blesses me with a beautiful life and I’m sharing it with everyone.”

CJ further describes herself as a lover of R&B music and one who enjoys dancing, singing, and shopping.

She is drawn to “honest and funny people,” and stays way from “dishonest people, and negativity.”

Her favorite food? Sushi and Filipino food.

“I try to live simple and healthy. I stay away from bad people, bad heart, bad habits. I stay positive and always believe in karma,” she says in her website. “Dream big.”

OnlyFans bills itself as a “social platform revolutionizing creator and fan connections. The site is inclusive of artists and content creators from all genres and allows them to monetize their content.”

The members-only site is where anyone can produce private content and charge monthly subscription rates – starting at $19.95 a month — to those who want to have access to raunchy photos and videos. Reports have it that celebrities, such as  Jordyn Woods and Blac Chyna, have opened accounts on OnlyFans. Some account holders maintain not all content are sex-oriented and they use the site to promote their films, records and other creative products.

Only feet

OnlyFans is said to cater to fetishists of all kinds.

“There’s a lot of feet out there for those with foot fetish,” says one person who has visited the site. Just showing photos or videos of feet can bring in some cash, he said. – Cristina DC Pastor

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