A podcast born during the pandemic to connect Filipinos all over

Jessy Daing and Jesse ‘Jcas’ Castro. Numbers crunchers on week days, podcast stars on weekends.

By Cristina DC Pastor

A Document Control Manager and an insurance analyst do not a good comedy pair make. But there is something about the chemistry between Jessy Daing and Jesse ‘Jcas’ Castro that brings out the spontaneity and free-flowing conversation that make their podcast “Over a Glass or Two,” a favorite destination for entertainment celebrities.

Since OAGOT went on air at the height of the pandemic, it has invited to its one-hour show the likes of Vilma Santos, Martin Nievera, Regine Velasquez, Angel Locsin and Boy Abunda. Ah Boy Abunda! That episode just erupted into hysterical laughter when the topic veered toward sex positions and someone confessed to being “like a bat hanging upside-down.” He/she shall not be named here.

For the first time, Angel Locsin addressed body shamers and took the attitude of don’t care.  It made national headlines.  Meanwhile, Vilma Santos-Recto is contemplating retirement from politics. If it’s not on OAGOT, was it even talked about?

That’s exactly what makes OAGOT an engrossing podcast, according to its ardent listeners. It has showbiz, sex, jokes, some intrigues, some gossip. And plenty of wine. Hosts and guests, if they choose to, make sure there is a glass of vino to calm the nerves and get everyone to spill.

“The concept of the show started from a simple idea,” said writer and co-host Jessy. “Wanting to put a smile in people’s hearts.”

If it’s not on OAGOT, was it even talked about?

She added: “Our show is pretty much regular people who talk about anything and everything, no holds barred, that’s why celebrities and viewers enjoy our episodes so much. Most of the time we don’t even realize we’ve been talking for almost two hours.” 

The podcast (and also a webcast) came out of the pandemic when the hosts and the director – who are all long-time friends wanted to make productive use of their time during the lockdown. JV Valino, the director and overall tech guy, came up with the idea. It has always amazed him to listen to Jessy and Jcas, the comedian of the two, talk for hours and not run out of things to say to each other. He said, why don’t you do a show and get everyone drinking “para mas relaxed.”

“Without JV, there’s no OAGOT,” declared Jessy.

Writer and co-host Jessy.

“There was no surprise. We’ve all been friends for maybe 10 years. We have traveled to so many places. We are just being our authentic selves when we’re hosting. We finish each other’s sentences, laugh at our own jokes and bloopers and simply have a great time,” co-host Jcas described his on-air chemistry with Jessy.

In the year it’s been on air, OAGOT has reached “8 million global Filipinos,” said JV. “That’s according to our in-house statistics from Facebook & YouTube alone and does not include shares, downloads or reuploads in other people’s YouTube channels and other factors. We are in awe of these numbers and we can’t believe that we receive tons of heartwarming and inspiring messages and comments from viewers and listeners all over.”

Co-host comedian Jcas.

Everyone shares equal roles and responsibilities. Jessy and Jcas are the writers and co-hosts. Jessy invites the guests, does scheduling and oversees production. Jcas writes the intro, does research with Jessy and thinks up topics and guests. JV is the director. They have a publicist in Pilar Mateo who is based in Manila.

“The show’s main goal is to raise awareness for our Kababayan in the U.S. and all over the world on how Pinoy artists, icons and social media influencers are currently coping with current issues,” said Jessy.

“The show helps connect Filipinos all over the world,” she said further. “We alleviate homesickness of our Kababayan globally by interviewing their favorite celebrities, delivering nostalgic references, sharing and inspiring motivational stories that everyone can relate to.”

Jessy and Jcas are fashion buddies as well. Once an entrepreneur, Jessy used to operate an online site for luxury handbags and accessories while doing make-up for weddings and New York Fashion Week. Jcas, who has a degree in Architecture from Mapua, and who took up design courses at Parsons and the Fashion Institute of Technology, would love to launch his own fashion line someday.

On week days, the duo crunch numbers and analyze spreadsheets: Jessy as Document Control Manager for a global investment firm, and Jcas as a long-time insurance analyst for a hospital system in Midtown Manhattan. Weekend mornings are their time to hang by their laptops, turn on their ring lights and raise a glass to usher in a new conversation.

The show believes in “giving back” to the community and the Filipinos who are their avid followers, said Jcas. He spoke of the collaboration with the non-for-profit Frontrow Cares to raise funds for the project “Pabakuna para sa Pinas” and deliver vaccines to people in the Philippines. “We believe Frontrow Cares and OAGOT have the same kind of care for the Filipino people,” he said.

(How to send donations:

Eastwest Bank

Account Name: Frontrow Cares

Account #: 200017353887)

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