New mobile app Sendwave: Fast, no-fees, easy way to send money home

Through Sendwave, the Filipino American community aims to raise at least P1M to help boost the Philippine economy.

Last year, Filipinos living and working in the United States sent over $11 billion to their loved ones and charitable causes in the Philippines. To ensure that they are able to continue providing support to their motherland, Sendwave is making it cheaper, quicker, and easier to send money by eliminating remittance fees and waiting time. Filipinos can send from $2.50 (PHP100) to $999 per day and receive a free $20 bonus on their first send if they use the promo code “FILIPINO”.

In a way, Sendwave will make it rain P1,000 in the Philippines. They will give $20 bonus to the recipient of  every person in the US/UK/Canada that uses Sendwave for the first time using the Promo Code: FILIPINO.

Even those who do not remit or have never remitted before can help boost the Philippine economy since there are zero remittance fees. Sendwave makes it so easy, fast and affordable to send money to the Philippines from the United States, Canada, the UK and France,  Ireland, Italy, Spain, and Belgium. 

Dan Santos is U.S. Growth Manager for the Philippines. Born and raised in the Chicago area, he is a 2017 graduate of the Gies College of Business of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

“I love working for Sendwave because it affects people’s lives for the better,” said Dan Santos, Sendwave’s U.S. Growth Manager for the Philippines. “Because we don’t charge fees, we let our kababayans keep more of the income they work so hard for, or let their families receive more of it, for their everyday necessities or moments of celebration. Sendwave makes sure we continue to be connected with our fellow Filipinos back home, especially since our support is received so quickly and securely.  We would love for Filipinos to take advantage of our $20 promotion during our community launch. This is one way Sendwave is sending love and positivity to our families and friends in the motherland, especially during the new lockdown.”

Founded in 2014, Sendwave was started by two engineers from Brown University, Drew Durbin and Lincoln Quirk, who wanted to make sending money across the seas as simple and affordable as sending a text message – with cash.

Since then, Sendwave has grown to over 400,000 active users responsible for over half of all remittances to Africa amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars.

More than just offering users with convenient and reliable money transfer services, Sendwave also assures its customers that each transaction is secure and that their personal information is protected with the highest level of encryption and leading debit card processors.

Instead of days, senders can expect their cash transfers to reach their recipients in the Philippines in minutes without compromising on cost, ease, and safety.

Currently, Sendwave is licensed across the United States and backed by many world-renowned investors. The company even appeared on the Y-Combinator List of Top Startups, along with Airbnb and PayPal.

The Filipino American community is aiming to raise $20,000 of remittances through new Sendwave users and Sendwave’s $20 donation per new user. With campaign deadline approaching on September 9, Sendwave has facilitated over $15,000 worth of remittances and donated $2,500 to the Philippines since launching to the community on August 9th. For more information on partnering for possible causes, visit or call +1917-907-4279.

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