Summer movies at the consulate

Stefanie Walmsley's film 'God of Love' is screening on Aug. 31

The consulate will hold its annual Sinehan sa Summer film series on August 31 and September 1 in recognition of the emerging generation of outstanding Filipino independent filmmakers.

The two-day festival features the following films:

August 31
“Muni-muni” (2008, 13 mins) by Clodualdo del Mundo, Jr. A screenwriter talks to some fictional characters and muses on the nature of creativity and imagination.

“Giving Care” (2007, 11 mins) by Clarissa de los Reyes. When a phone call brings news of her father’s death in the Philippines, a caregiver working illegally in New York must make a choice between her duties as the family breadwinner and her desire to go home for her father’s funeral.

“Sawang Calero” (2009, 13 mins) by Tessa Villegas and Ruel Antipuesto. A documentary about the struggle of 18-year-old Christopher who has to balance school as a fifth grade student and work as a gopher for a fish vendor.

“Pasalubong” (2011, 5 mins) by Grace Villamil. Pasalubong is Filipino for the gift you bring back to family and friends, a token signifying the act of meeting again. The word represents the filmmaker’s personal discovery of the Philippines in her pursuit for a better understanding of her family’s roots.

“Culiat” (2011, 7 mins) by Lawrence Dizon Sumulong. An assemblage of impressions culled from a few days’ visit to a typically rundown urban landscape, the Muslim Culiat neighborhood in Quezon City.

“Tigba-id” (2011, 17 mins) by Janice Y. Perez. Struggling as an amateur bladesmith in the gritty, commercial district of Freedom Park in downtown Cebu City is among Paeng’s hardest challenges. An overbearing mother, a girlfriend who’s left him for a more successful craftsman, and his constant aversion for higher stakes at the barrio’s spider fighting joint all make the formula for Paeng’s seemingly futile existence. Yet this bladesmith soon discovers that a day’s series of random events will ultimately lead him to the knife-edge of life.

“God of Love” (2009, 18 mins) by Stefanie Walmsley. A lovestruck, lounge-singing darts champion finds his prayers are answered — literally — when he mysteriously receives a box of love-inducing darts.

September 1
“Mansyon” (2005, 24 mins) by Joel Ruiz. A housemaid and gardener are hired to tend to a huge mansion when the owner goes an extended trip, and find temptation within.

“Nanay” (2008, 5 mins) by Clarissa de los Reyes. Left alone with the infant she cares for, a nanny attempts to recapture her lost motherhood.

“Transhumanism” (2010, 11 mins) by Julian Ablaza. A documentary on the possibility and desirability of transforming the human condition by developing technologies to eliminate aging and greatly enhance intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities of the human body.

“Match” (2009, 5 mins) by Clarinda Morales. A personal documentary of a young woman on the eve of donating bone-marrow anonymously to a10-year-old boy.

“Sabongero” (2008, 12 mins) by Janice Perez. A cigarette vendor falls to the lure of cockfighting, hoping to elevate his poor living conditions. He finds himself having to choose between his family and his rooster.

“Confessional” (2011, 4 mins) by Paolo Bitanga. Alone in an old and empty studio, a young man presents a tale of crime as he dances his last dance.


“Superfan” (2009, 23mins) by Clodualdo del Mundo, Jr. Based on the true story of Mandy Diaz, whose life revolved around superstar Nora Aunor and left instructions that his remains not be buried before his idol could come to his wake. Part documentary, fantasy, musical and retrospective, the film explores the relationship between image and reality, idolatry and dedication, and shines a light on the Filipino’s obsession with movie stars.

The program begins at 6 p.m. on both dates. A Q&A with the filmmakers will follow after the screening. The audience will be asked to select a favorite from among the films in competition. Seating is limited. Contact Mae Ermita by email at to make a reservation.

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