‘World has deeper appreciation of originality, creativity of Filipino artists through Manny Baldemor ’

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Baldemor's depiction of Philippine life. Photo: 190Gallery.com

Baldemor’s depiction of Philippine life. Photo: 190Gallery.com

The latest works of renowned artist Manuel D. Baldemor was unveiled on August 5 at the Philippine Center Gallery before an audience of artists, representatives of cultural institutions, and members of the consular corps.

The exhibit titled “The Art of Manuel D. Baldemor” — on view until September 4 — features a collection of 6-foot scrolls that depict scenes of life in the Philippines. It also displays some of his older works which were previously exhibited in other parts of the world, including in the Philippine Embassy in Vienna.

“Wherever I went, I tried to impart our own Filipino art, culture and mind-set,” said Baldemor in his opening remarks.

The artist described himself as an Overseas Filipino Cultural Worker, one who is “always careful to represent the good image” of his home country wherever he went. He said that in his travels all over the world, he has come to appreciate how, despite cultural differences, the peoples of the world are actually very much alike.

“In the end, people all want the same things – love, respect and kindness from each other,” he said.

The multi-talented Baldemor is a painter, sculptor, print maker, writer and book illustrator. He was born in 1947 in Paete, Laguna, renowned for its community of skilled wood carvers. He has held one-man exhibits in many cities all over the world, and his works have been displayed in a number of important institutions including the United Nations Headquarters in New York. For 18 straight years, his works have been reproduced in UNICEF’s Christmas greeting cards.

Ambassador Jose Cuisia congratulated Baldemor for his fifth exhibit in the Big Apple and thanked him for the great service that he is doing for the Philippines.

“Your dedication, prolificness, and generous spirit have made all of us very proud,” said Cuisia who opened the exhibit. “Just like Luna, Hidalgo and Amorsolo who came before you, you successfully put Philippine artistry on the map.”

Through Baldemor’s art, he said, the world has gained a “deeper appreciation of the originality, creativity and resourcefulness of Filipino artists.”

Cuisia Jr., the Philippine Ambassador to the United States and chair of the Philippine Center Management Board New York (PCMB-New York), travelled from Washington, D.C. to lead the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Consul General Mario de Leon Jr. and Lourdes Yparraguirre, Philippine Permanent Representative to the United Nations, who both sit on the board of PCMB-New York, also attended the opening.

“The Art of Manuel D. Baldemor” is a flagship project of the Philippine Center as part of its mandate to promote Philippine culture, art, tourism and trade in New York.

The artist (left) with Ambassador Jose Cuisia and wife Vicky Cuisia

The artist (left) with Ambassador Jose Cuisia and wife Vicky Cuisia

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