FILAMSPEAK: Why are you even listening to Donald Trump?

red line

red line

trump 1 The respondents in this forum are professionals, achievers and community leaders, people one would think would keep some distance from – or at least examine closely — the disturbing vitriol and prejudices of Donald Trump.

But no. These Filipino Americans say they will vote for Trump who is currently leading among the Republican presidential aspirants. He is ahead in multiple polls at 22 percent, the next candidate trailing him at a lower 10 percent. Others may not go as far as voting for him, but they are taking note of how he’s changing the electoral conversation.

A likely candidate known for his hyperbolic statements (“All of the women on ‘The Apprentice’ flirted with me — consciously or unconsciously”) and politically incorrect remarks (“Jeb Bush has to like the Mexican illegals because of his wife”), Trump has redirected national attention to his campaign because he dared speak the words no rational person would publicly articulate, although it’s likely those thoughts may have crossed some people’s minds. Immigration for instance. Trump’s stand on undocumented immigrants is absolute: “They have to go!” Not far apart from how some FilAms privately feel about immigration reform.

Voters are said to be tired of politicians who massage their message and make promises they never keep. They are looking for somebody different. Does this explain Trump’s gravitational pull. Are there other reasons? Let’s read the comments below. – Cristina DC Pastor

Photo by Rolan Gutierrez

Photo by Rolan Gutierrez

Consuelo Almonte
Pagasa Social Foundation, Inc.

The reason he is so blunt and forward in saying what he feels is because he does not have to bow to anyone. He is spending his own resources. I believe that he can improve the financial situation of the country. This man is very proud, and I am sure he wants to have the legacy of success added to his name.

I am deliberating between him and Bernie Sanders. I most probably will vote for Trump. As president, he will learn to be less blunt when dealing with our allies. Yes, I want to see him as the next president.


Lisa Esperame Nohs

If it’s between him and Hillary Clinton then I would definitely vote for Donald Trump. I just don’t trust Hillary. I like the way Trump calls a spade a spade. He’s a no-BS kinda guy; he tells it like it is. I like his honesty, his bluntness, and candor. I’d prefer a straight shooter over a liar.


Jen Furer
Author, ‘Out of Status’
Co-Host, Makilala TV

I like that he speaks his mind as a candidate and has not deleted any top secret emails. I also like that his ex-wife says he makes a great president and that his kids adore him.

He sort of makes the campaign interesting as opposed to usual dull same old discussions from the same career politicians – either Democrats or Republicans. Because of him, media started talking about illegal immigration again. Will he make a great President? I don’t know.

teresa 3

Teresa Lapid Rodriguez
Art Director
Montclair State University Art Galleries/George Segal Gallery

Although I am not inclined to vote for him, Trump is valuable in this election for challenging all candidates to address the issues the nation is concerned about. He’s not afraid to break political correctness, which would blow up, if not already, on his face and cause his score to plummet down. Not fair for him but the community wants to hear the real truth. Reminds me of Ross Perot.

red line

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