Asian American professionals form The Promise Society

Calling itself a new generation of leaders with “fresh and innovative approaches” to achieve their mission, The Promise Society (TPS) officially launched on February 22nd as a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing health and social issues.

The launch, held at the Museum of Chinese in America, also introduced the people behind TPS, which is trying to engage young professionals in promoting health, education, and improved quality of life for the underserved. The members of the board are:

Elena Lum, President
Teresa Chan, Vice president
Winny Zhu, Secretary
Elaine Lin, Treasurer
Joanna Lui, Sponsorship Chair
Ivy Tsang, Marketing Chair
Gary Reloj, Innovation Chair
Roger Cui, Community Chair
Kevin Cheng, Operations Chair
Kathy Bootsri, Events Chair
Tom Cheng, Sales manager

Lum noted how many young professionals recognize the importance of giving back to the community, “but often don’t know how to get involved. By forming this organization, we can be the link between our partner organizations and our volunteers and sponsors.”

TPS pulled a 2012 Bureau of Labor Services survey showing that 23.2 percent of individuals between the ages of 25 and 34 volunteer their time. Of that number, about two-fifths of volunteers get involved with an organization after being asked to volunteer.

The organization is looking to invite into its ranks “discerning, upwardly mobile” young Asian American professionals 21-40 years old with a desire to participate in philanthropic efforts. “This demographic has been shown to have high rates of participation in online and organized social networks, with above average expenditures in all categories, and particularly enjoy travel, food and entertainment.”

The TPS board members have significant experience serving on the board of other non-profits, various fundraising committees, and other young professional groups, etc. From 2012-2013, TPS raised over $30,000 for the American Cancer Society through various independent events. The organizers said they aim to exceed their past achievements.

Fundraising events lined up include a book signing featuring motivational author Karen Elizaga’s “Find Your Sweet Spot.” Filipino American Gary Reloj, who is TPS’s Innovation chair, will be making his DJ debut and donating proceeds from the bar to TPS. A graduate of business finance at Ramapo College, Gary is Chief Operating Officer at the alcohol delivery app SWILL and was previously connected with OMG Foodie, an online guide to restaurants and food events around the city.

Upwardly mobileyoung Asian American professionals  with a desire to participate in philanthropic efforts

Upwardly mobile young Asian American professionals with a desire to participate in philanthropic efforts

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