Corky Lee’s photos go on exhibit in Long Island

Lee captures Filipino ‘lolas’ in Queens doing a traditional Spanish dance.

Lee captures Filipino ‘lolas’ in Queens doing a traditional Spanish dance.

Self-taught photographer Corky Lee has been documenting the vibrant and fast-emerging Asian and Pacific American community for over 40 years.

In “Asian Roots/American Soil,” the ubiquitous Corky – a second generation Chinese American — will exhibit photographs of the day-to-day lives of Asian Americans as well as historical moments in American history. The exhibition will be on view March 1st to May 12th at Stony Brook University’s Charles B. Wang Center.

“Mr. Lee’s approach is intimate, without sentimentality or editorializing. He’s an insider but also an observer, in
front of the camera and behind it,” according to The New York Times.

AsianWeek says “Lee’s work has been widely recognized and has had a profound influence, shaping American perceptions of Asian American society.”

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  1. M. Matthews wrote:

    I happened to know Corky Lee and his work for over 25 years. I had met him in the past during many Asian American event that have taken place in New York City during my short time as a photojournalist.

    Lee’s is one the must committed Asian American photojournalist in the history of Asian American photojournalist in America. His work been published and exhibited in countless newspapers, magazines, journals and exhibited widely in the New York metro area.

    I highly recommend that you go and see Corky Lee’s photographs in Long Island.

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