The goalie is a girl!

Rosalyn de Castro, 10, from New York, is this year’s winner of the ‘I am Filipino American’ essay contest.

Hello. My name is Rosalyn de Castro. I am 10 years old and I want to be a pro-athlete. I hope to be in the Olympics one day. Right now I am the only girl on my hockey team, and I am a goalie. I am at the rink almost everyday working hard to get better — sometimes even as early as 5:30 in the morning. I am usually one of the only Filipinos or Asians who plays hockey, and I’m a girl.

It’s funny because when I am playing a game, no one on the other team notices. But after we change and they see me carrying my gear, I usually hear the other boys say, “Dad, Dad… Their goalie is a girl!!!” It just makes me giggle but proud that I can do it.

If I am not at the rink, I am competing at surfing. I have been surfing for three years. I have won a bunch of trophies, been in magazines and I have sponsors who give me things to try out. I surf all year around, too — even in the winter. I love any kind of water, hot or cold. It’s really fun.

I am Filipino-American and hope to grow up to be a pro-athlete and someday help kids like me.

The ‘I am Filipino American…’ essay contest is organized yearly by The Filipino School of New York & New Jersey in celebration of October as Filipino American History Month. Rosalyn de Castro will get to read her winning essay at Carnegie Hall on October 27 during the awards ceremony for The Outstanding Filipino Americans in New York


  1. RobDH wrote:

    Congratulations on your accomplishment. This happens in all sports in the New England states (and New York is not part of New England).

  2. M. Matthews wrote:

    Bravo! I did enjoy read the young Filipina American essay about her love for surfing.

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