Mitt Romney represents FilAm values, supports family reunification

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By Vellie Sandalo Dietrich-Hall

With the exception of the Native Americans, each American owes everything that we are to someone in our family tree who immigrated to America.

Most came here looking for a better life — a chance to contribute, to gain a toe-hold for themselves and their children.

In my case, I was taught from my earliest years about America — about the place that gave birth to the brave men who’d served alongside my father, as comrades-in-arms in liberating the Philippines from Japanese occupation in World War II.

In 1981, I came to this great nation. Just like any other Asian immigrant, the spirit of freedom and opportunity inspired me to venture out, and in my case — with just $20 dollars in my pocket — get a college education. In early 2000, my ailing mother petitioned my only brother to join us in the USA. My brother is a highly skilled professional and is not a burden to Uncle Sam. While waiting for the petition action, my mother became more ill and needed more help.

I had a challenging time taking care of my mother and young daughter while simultaneously trying to make a living. Eleven years later, my mother is slowly deteriorating and hopeless to reunite with her only son.

Today, my mother sees a light in the dark immigration tunnel because Mitt Romney supports expediting family reunification as part of a reform of our flawed immigration system. A Romney Administration will speed up the processing of applications so both citizens and legal permanent residents can be reunited with their immediate families more quickly.

Through hard work, I became a business owner, and I’ve watched and experienced the challenges of owning a business in today’s world. Romney believes that the burdens placed upon business by the Obama Administration has diminished business’ job-creating capabilities. I firmly believe that Romney would work to ensure that government bureaucracy and regulation are streamlined and fair, to help reinvigorate America’s spirit of freedom and entrepreneurship. More importantly, the lesson that my father shared with me was not just hard work but that also getting a good education would be the key to my future. Education is an important tool to succeed and very common among us Filipino Americans.

Unfortunately, now, getting a good education is quite challenging, especially due to climbing tuition fees. The good news for us Filipino Americans is that Romney believes that every child deserves a fair chance, and that it begins with a good education. That means having schools that work well. It also means giving parents more choice and more information so they can make the best decisions for their children.

I am confident that the three important issues that concern me most — immigration, entrepreneurship and education — will improve significantly under a Romney presidency.

Vellie Dietrich-Hall was a commissioner on the White House Initiative on Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders during the administration of President George W. Bush. She is President/CEO of HPS Enterprises, Inc. based in Cullen, Virginia.

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