Learning to paint with (s)oil

Soil painting, a rich tradition in Bukidnon

Artist Ma. Rosalie Zerrudo connects young students to the Talaandig people of Bukidnon and other tribes in Mindanao through the Talaandig Soil Painting Lesson & Workshop on April 28 in Jersey City.

The Talaandig soil painting is known to use the color of the soil in paintings, resulting in images enriched by the earthy tones of browns, grays and reds. This dying art which originated among the Talaandig indigenous people of Bukidnon is enjoying a revival, and is being promoted internationally by artists like Zerrudo.

Zerrudo, who was born in Negros and speaks Hiligaynon and Visaya, is an art educator who conducts art camps for children. She is conducting the soil painting workshop for the students of The Filipino School of New York & New Jersey.

Students will have an opportunity to learn about the indigenous craft and will create their own soil painting that they can take home. The class is for children ages 4 & up. The class will be held at the Paccal Neighborhood Center at 380 Monmouth Street, Jersey City.

More information can be found at http://filischoolnynj.publishpath.com/register. Or contact Venessa Manzano, school director, at info@filschool-nynj.org or 774-257-4669. Registration deadline is Monday, April 23.

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