Did Yonkers teen commit suicide over bullying? Friends claim, but cops doubtful

By Cristina DC Pastor

A fun-loving, Justin Bieber fan was reported to have committed suicide because she was being bullied at school, according to newspaper reports.

Reports say Eira Fatima Maghuyop, a 14-year-old freshman at The Ursuline School in New Rochelle, died at her Yonkers home. The reports did not say how she took her life.

But the Yonkers Police Department is disputing the bullying theory saying that “Maghuyop is not bullied” and “they have not seen any evidence that bullying was a factor.” Apparently, the word bullying was contained in a suicide note left by Eira. Her friends confirmed the bullying. The school issued a statement of mourning, but did not comment on the possible cause of death.

Friends from her school have created the “R.I.P. Eira Maghuyop Like if your (sp) against bullying” page with 17,776 Likes at press time.

In her Tumblr page, Eira described herself as “100% Filipino,” who goes to a private Catholic school, and is a fan of Justin Bieber, “Glee” and “Jersey Shore.”

While she liked her school, she felt differently toward her brothers. She wrote:

“I go to an all girls Catholic private school, which is nice because there are NO boys. I really like my school and my teachers, since they are really nice to me. It’s the work that I can’t stand.

“I live with my family. My parents, my older and younger brother, and my grandmother. I really do not like my siblings because

1. They are so annoying
2. They are addicted to video games
3. No respect for their only sister
4. They don’t even listen to me…”

“I wish I had a sister,” she added.

Eira liked listening to music, singing and performing.

“But, I most often get stage fright for some reason. I don’t seem like I have any confidence to do anything but once you get to know me, I do. I love telling jokes to my friends. Sometimes they think my jokes are NOT funny… but they ARE. I love laughing and making someone else laugh. I love fooling around. I am a piano player in training (Still a beginner ^^). I want to master piano, then guitar, then take voice lessons.”

Calling herself a “regular Filipino girl,” Eira said she would someday want to become a famous musician/singer or a successful doctor or nurse. She would like also to get married and have two children – a boy and a girl.

An outpouring of love and grief can be read in her “R.I.P” page.

Shiela Aquino Francisco from the Philippines writes: “RIP Eira… Us, your fellowmen here in the Philippines are praying for your peace.”

Sincerely Janett tucks her in with, “Sleep well, angel.”


  1. M. Matthews wrote:

    This indeed, a sad story about teen suicide due to possible bullying if the allegation is true in this sad case in question..

  2. Sol wrote:

    Just heard the news from a friend next door, it was really sad, especially to her family. Although I don’t know her, my heart was touched. I have a 6-year-old daughter so I also feel the pain of her parents. May you Rest in Peace Eira…Angels will be with you…time will heal the wound but your beautiful face and memories with your true friends will remain forever!

  3. Angelo wrote:

    It always is amazing to me just how bloggers such as yourself can find the time and the commitment to keep on producing excellent posts. Your blog

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