Segment on Filipino films part of AAIFF46 program

‘Nurse Unseen’ directed by Michele Josue. Screen grab from trailer

Asian CineVision will present its 46th annual Asian American International Film Festival (AAIFF46) from July 26 – August 6.

AAIFF, known as the “First Home of Asian American Cinema,” will feature a segment

that tells Filipino storieswhich “reflect AAIFF and Asian CineVision’s hopes of supporting the creative endeavors of community activists and storytellers.”

This year’s lineup includes a wide selection of narratives, documentaries, short films from 111 directors including programs from 29 countries and 27 languages. 

AAIFF46’s Southeast Asian program highlights include:

-Documentary feature, “Nurse Unseen.” The film traces the little-known history and humanity of the unsung Filipino nurses risking their lives on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic while facing a resurgence of anti-Asian hate in the streets.

-Shorts collection “Fire & Water: Elemental Shorts,” featuring the short film “The Roaring of the Carabao,” directed by Angeline Meitzler. The film is about the eruption of a volcano upon a daughter’s visit to her mother’s homeland.

‘Balikbayan’ directed by Indian FilAm filmmaker Rebecca Rajadnya. Courtesy of ‘Balikbayan’

-Shorts collection “This Must Be the Place” with the film “Balikbayan” directed by Rebecca Rajadnya. The film follows the story of a Filipina immigrant as she grapples with the physical distance from the family she left behind and the cultural disconnect from her daughters in the United States.

-Centerpiece presentation “Music Night Out!” featuring a selection of music videos and a stellar performance of H.P. Mendoza’s “Attack, Decay, Release.”

The AAIFF organized by Asian CineVision is the first and longest-running festival dedicated to showcasing the moving image work by media artists of Asian descent for and about the Asian diaspora experience. The festival takes place in New York City, the second-largest Asian-American market in the U.S. Every year, AAIFF attracts audiences from all five boroughs of the city, the tri-state region, and around the world.

Asian CineVision  is a media arts nonprofit devoted to the development, exhibition, promotion, and preservation of Asian and Asian American experiences through storytelling. Our mission is to nurture and grow the community of makers and lovers of Asian and Asian American independent film, television, and digital.

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