FILAMSPEAK: Will you watch ‘Here Lies Love’?

By Cristina DC Pastor

Whoever you are or wherever you are within  the vortex of the Filipino American community, you have a reason for wanting to watch “Here Lies Love,” or wanting to avoid it altogether. It could be the excitement of seeing an all-Filipino cast on Broadway (pro), the glorification of Imelda Marcos (anti), plain curiosity, or you like David Byrne music.

The production about the rise of the Rose from Tacloban and her downfall as the kleptocratic shoe hoarder is currently showing at The Broadway Theater with a cast of truly excellent FilAm performers led by Jose Llana (Ferdinand Marcos, Conrad Ricamora (Benigno Aquino) and Arielle Jacobs (Imelda Marcos).

Some in the community are eager to see actors who look like themselves lording it over Broadway. Still others are not too thrilled that in the retelling of the  Filipino Story, Imelda has to be in it. The FilAm spoke to Filipinos to find out if they’re ready to disco or would rather sit this one out.

Cecilia Calleja

Finance professional

Yes, of course I will watch “Here Lies Love.” Will be watching with my children It will be my first time. I know it was performed off Broadway about 10 years ago but I was in Philippines then. My children are interested to watch as well. I told them that it will be an all-Filipino cast doing an experimental interactive show about Imelda Marcos and how it was like in the Philippines then.

Robert Servillas Dumaual


Of course I will watch it! It’s an all-Filipino cast and I watch anything  even if there’s just one (Filipino) in the cast.

Marissa Torres Langseth

Retired nursing professional

Nope, not my cup of tea, not my fancy.  I like shows with inspiring stories like “Ms. Saigon” and “Les Miserables.” Not a fan of the Marcoses. I actually voted Leni.

Sockie Laya-Smith

Certified Clinical hypnotherapist

Yes! I will watch “Here Lies Love.” I have strong feelings about the Marcoses. Imelda is an epitome of contradictions and decadence. Curious at how this production will depict truth and lies in a satirical, musical framework. Can love and abuse be present simultaneously? Does it feed it off each other? Imelda Marcos rise and fall? Feels like there wasn’t a fall — convicted but still not imprisoned.

Curious on how the rise of People’s Power — change of government but still the same system — just a change of hands. People are still poor, we are surviving because of the OFWs’ contributions to our economy,

Cory’s government inherited the debts of the Marcoses, and now with the Marcoses back things are still the same. Interactive daw, excited to see how this is done.

Menchu De Luna Sanchez

Retired NICU nurse

I watched it long time ago. It’s good because it is interactive, it’s very lively and reminds us again of Imelda, the Marcoses and the Aquinos. Reviving the ‘70s. If not for health reasons I will watch it again  because it’s so much fun and for a short time, you will forget the worries and anxieties around us.

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