Christy Bautista stabbed 30 times inside D.C. hotel room dies

‘Her life was ended way too short by a cruel act of violence that she did not deserve,’ says Christy’s sister Ashley. Photo: GoFundMe

A Virginia woman who was in Washington D.C. to attend a concert was stabbed to death inside her hotel room by a male suspect with a long criminal history.

Christy Bautista of Arlington and Harrisonburg, Virginia died after being stabbed some 30 times inside the Ivy City Hotel, according to reports.  The murder happened on March 31 with the suspect identified  in media reports as George Sydnor Jr.

“While we rejoice in the good news of the Resurrection during this Easter season, one of our kababayans is mourning the loss of a daughter and a sister, Christy Bautista. She was 31 years old,” writes Fr. Mel Portula, CICM of St. Ann Church in Arlington in his letter to parishioners circulating within the D.C. area community. Portula is a friend of the Bautista family. 

His letter reads: “You may have read about Christy and how she was brutally murdered in a hotel in D.C., stabbed over 30 times by a man who happened to be on bail for robbery charges.

“The Bautistas are Arlington residents. Christy graduated from Yorktown HS. They are parishioners of St. Ann. She was confirmed at St. Ann.

“Jimmy, her dad, told me that they were visited by the police in their Arlington home late at night on March 31 to inform them about what happened to Christy. 

“Last Tuesday, the Bautista family received the body of Christy at the funeral home. I accompanied the family. We blessed her body before she was cremated. 

“No one among us can possibly feel what the Bautista family is going through. So, first, we pray for the repose of the soul of Christy and for her family: parents, Jimmy and Arlene; sisters, Emily and Ashley. 

“Second, the funeral mass is scheduled on May 19, Friday at 11 a.m. at St. Ann Church in Arlington.”

Christy’s sister Ashley who manages a GoFundMe page to raise funds for funeral costs said her sister “made an impact on everyone’s lives that she encountered. She was a shining light that lifted everyone’s spirits around her. She encouraged people to do things they were afraid of and cheered them on. She showed them what true strength was through her courageous actions. She would remember one small, random thing you said and find any way to help. Her life was ended way too short by a cruel act of violence that she did not deserve.”

It was not clear how Sydnor managed to enter Christy’s hotel room. Witnesses told police they saw a man “pull back (Christy) into the room.”

The hotel issued a statement about its security protocols  telling Fox News of its “recently updated security system with 19 cameras property-wide, LED parking lot lighting, and a security guard on-site that night…All guest rooms, including Bautista’s, was equipped with door viewers, door safety latches, and modern, tamper-proof RFID locks with 1″ safety deadbolt.”

Fr. Mel urged the community to organize a Filipino choir to sing at the May 19 funeral mass. He also suggested a little reception for the family after the mass.

“These are just small acts of mercy that we can do for the Bautista family. We would need volunteers to bring food, drinks, plates and other cutlery, parish hall set up, etc. The Bautista family doesn’t need to worry about these things. They would feel comforted.”

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